Alter Egos!

12:50 AM

You may be thinking, "An Alter-ego like Beyonce?" Yes, just that MY alter-ego came way before the Sasha Fierce days. I think every woman needs an alter-ego. What exactly is an alter-ego?  An Alter-ego (in Latin means "the other I") is a second self, a part of a person's personality which is in marked contrast with his or her regular personality. Like I said, I believe EVERY woman needs an alter-ego. My alter-ego is a sex-kitten, a bitch, a determined, confident as hell, cocky, ruthless woman that gets what she wants by any means necessary. Her name is Jezebel James. 
Here is the one and only 
Jezebel James...
Do you have an Alter-ego? 
If not, what would your alter-ego be named and what would be their traits?

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Stephie J said...

Nice to see Jezebel out again!!! I hadn't seen her since before that dick Ryan came around!!!