REVIEW: Pack A Hat by Cappelli Straworld

2:36 PM

The sun is here and what does that mean? WARM WEATHER AND FUN IN THE SUN!

Though keeping the sun out our faces can be a daunting task. We want to look good yet stay protected.

Never fear! Cappelli Straworld is here with PACK A HAT!

Pack A Hat , which joins a total Cappelli Straworld collection of more than one hundred styles of resort and lifestyle bags and headwear, comes in three options:

BAG 870: Which is subtle mini stripes in 5 different color ways (toast, royal, white, black and natural)

 BAG 869: Which is bold colorful stripes.

 BAG 937:  which features white, black and electrifying brights in polyester with a web wristlet, a secure zip closure and matching hat. This style is one color with a tonal stripe effect.

The Pack A Hat is perfect for resort, beach or everyday, and easily slips into a beach bag or everyday handbag 
If the sun is out, you can def use this!

I love my Pack A Hat! It's great for when I am on the go and need protection from the sun or when I need to spruce up my bathing suit!

It is comfortable and stylish but most of all, keeps the sun out of my face!

You can get your very own Pack A Hat HERE!

**Disclaimer: Lipton Publicity provided me with a road test sample for review**

Saturday's with Stef: Tired of Life at 29

12:00 AM

Something has to change. My mindset for sure. Trying to contril the way I think so negatively, is hard. How can I stay positive when I feel like my whole situatioon is a huge burden on me. I feel restless. I feel sad. I feel numb. I feel not myself. 

I know I said I will be okay.

I will.

I am just not sure when. All I know is that I am mentally and emotionally tired. My anxiety has me up all night. When I tell you I am tired, I really am. Of life. Of filling out applications. Of people bringing up my job situation. Of feeling this way. Of inconsistency. Of life.

Is this normal? I need that stable check for security. For consistency. For my own peace of mind. 

Will life always be like this?

Will it?

Will I get my happy ending?