REVIEW: Pura Stainless

11:08 AM

Happy New Year! It's taken me a while to post but I wanted to come into the new year with a fresh mindset and more mommy related. No better way to do my first blog post of the year with Pura Stainless! I have had these for a little over three weeks and in that time in SoCal, we had cool weather and extremely hot weather (Gotta love California!) I truly wanted to put these babies to the test.

Noah is almost two and is super picky about what sippy cup he drinks from now (Rolls eyes) and me with my runs, I thought, this was a perfect product to be testing.

Pura is 100% plastic-free and their bottles grow with your family and their needs. They range from 5 oz to 28 oz and are silicone free. You can grab any bottle, any color for any occasion.

Let's start of with my pride and joy's favorite new sippy bottle: 

Noah got the 90z  vacuum insulated Toddler Sippy Bottle Pura Kiki in Aqua , found HERE.

What's so cool about this sippy bottle is that it can grow with him and all I have to do is purchase the different sprouts. Yes! You can purchase different sprouts! 

The sprout Noah has simply is free flowing, doesn't spill and allows him to be more independent. He truly felt like a big boy! (Cries because my baby is growing up)

Now on to me! You know I gotta let my baby shine first. 

I was sent the Pura Sport 28 oz found HERE.

I am super picky when it comes to my workouts. Every water bottle has melted my ice within seconds no matter what ind of weather we had. Which is frustration when you are in the heat. During the three weeks I put this baby to the test, we had cold weather, warm weather and hot weather. 

Each weather condition didn't affect my water and ice! My ice stayed frozen and my water cold! Which was a super plus for me!

The sleeve made it so easy to grip and I even hooked it on to my stroller. The big mouth sport top allowed water to flow and was soft. The was no water dripping from the water bottle like most, which meant it kept me dry and my hands dry. 



You will not be disappointed with Pura Stainless products. I have never been so in love with a water bottle and a toddler sippy bottle in all my years I have ran and the almost two years I have been a mother. It doesnt matter if you are looking for a water bottle for yourself, your kid, kids or even your whole family, thier water bottles fit every ones needs in any environment.

Check out Pura Stainless HERE and get yours today!

Maple Holistics : Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

1:58 PM

Hi guys! Welcome back! lol Well as you all know I am a HUGE fan of Maple Holistics. They sent me a bottle of their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and I am in LOVE!

The smell is amazing and so therapeutic. As a mom, I always need that "Me time" to relax. Especially in the shower! lol So this fragrance really made me relaxed. 

The Tea Tree Oil Shampoo helps your hair , scalp health, can help with dandruff and flaking, soothes an irritated scalp, helps slow down hair  and promotes hair growth! Talk about benefits galore!

Now you're probably wondering, "That's cool Stef, but what is in it? what makes it different from all the other shampoos?"

Great question! The Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is made up of : Aqua, Jojoba Oil, Botanical Keratin, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil.

I can pronounce ALL those! Which is a huge plus!

This shampoo was everything! It made my hair feel clean, smell amazing and soothed my scalp.

It totally lived up to its potential and I high recommend it!

You can find it HERE

Pssttt....Its on sale right now (winks)

REVIEW and Giveaway: Thinkbaby: Baby Body Care Essentials

12:00 AM

If you have a kid like me, a kid who loves the outdoors and getting dirty, then you will love this! I am super picky about Noah's products. But when Thinkbaby and Think Sports reached out to me about spreading some Baby awareness, I couldn't say no. I just love them.

Then set me the Baby Body Care Essential set. It comes with 

-Thinkbaby Shampoo and body wash: Which comes with a pump so you can keep one hand on your little one at all times. It's also tear free!

-Thinkbaby Bubble Bath: Which Noah loved! It has safe chemicals and keeps your little one clean and happy

-Thinkbaby lotion: Which doesn't leave your baby feeling oily at all.

-Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF +50: Which has the Highest SPF, water resistance and UVA/UVB coverage allowed by the FDA. 

This set was amazing for days Noah would play in the sun and have to come in to take a bath! I don't trust anyone else with my sons body care than Thinkbaby!

I love it so much that I am giving ONE lucky winner 4 sets ! Yes, you read that right!

All you have to do is enter below!

REVIEW: SimplyBe.Com

2:11 PM

Hello there! I am back with a fabulous review from Simply
You guys, they totally made my vacation weekend a hit! I was asked numerous times where I got my cover up and leopard sarong. I felt so beautiful and sexy. Shall we begin?

On our pool day, I first wore the Leopard Beach-to-Beach Sarong. Found HERE

This sarong made me feel so beautiful. It gave my bathing suit the perfect flare it needed. In fact on the way to the pool, a woman stopped me and asked where I got it because it was so cute to her.

This truly is my favorite sarong I have ever owned!

I later then changed into my Simply Yours Kaftan 

Not only did I feel beautiful, but it really was light weight and didn't make me feel like I was boiling despite it being 108 degrees in Palm Springs.

You can find the Simply Yours Kaftan HERE

When I got back to reality (eye roll) lol (no really, it really made me sad I wasn't on vacay anymore lol) I got to use my Utility Across Body purse. This purse has a zipper and tons of storage pockets. For moms, this is gold lol. 

It is light weight and so stylish.

You can find it HERE.
Simply Be runs from sizes 8-28 and is so affordable. They have a style for every occasion and every season. Along with many accessories to make your style pop.
Head on over to Simply Be and check them out.

REVIEW: Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mat

1:48 PM

Welcome back! I know I take little stints off here and there, but let me tell you...Now that Noah is 16 months, I am EXHAUSTED! I just pretty much run around all day. So when it comes time to relax...I take full advantage of it!

Spoonk was so kind to send me an acupuncture mat. I was totally excited to try this baby and I love it!!  So here is a little background about this Acupuncture Mat. I know most of you are wondering how it's even comfortable.

The Spoonk Massage Mat is designed for a deep sleep and to relieve tension and pain. Clinical studies have proven that the Spoonk Mat gives you 98% pain relief, 96% deep relaxation,  and 94% improved sleep quality.

Spoonk can relieve any muscle pain or tension you may have by simply laying on your back in bed or like me, on the floor, for 30-40 minutes. Spoonk has 6,210 acupressure stimulation points that once are pressed against any troubled areas of your body, will increase circulation and will relax your stiff muscles and decrease your pain. 

I used on my feet as well after a good workout from either actually working out or chasing my son around the house. It totally relaxed. In fact, I was skeptical at first but then I got used to it and now I can't live without my mat.  In fact, I hope some day I can get the neck mat too.

The mat doesn't take too much room and if your like me, if you go on vacay and NEED IT, it's so easy to pack!

You can find the perfect Spoonk Mat for you HERE