12:00 AM

I laid in bed and had a vision. I came home from work on Friday afternoon. Struggled with my keys, while trying to juggle my things and suddenly my daughter opened the door. "Moms home!" Kissed my kids and my husband got up off the couch and kissed me so sweetly. He smelled as if he just had a long day at work himself. I tell him to order pizza, because Friday's mean pizza night in our household.

We sat around the table, talking, laughing.

After dinner I cleaned up and joined my family watching a TV with popcorn.
I laid my myself across my husband, as he brushed the sides of my hair, held me tight and every now and then sneaking a kiss. My kids would look back and without saying anything, know we are in love.

Once the movie was over, we bathed them and got them into bed. 

It was US time.

I woke up.

Will that ever be my life? Or is this some imaginary scenery that will never come true. 

I just want happiness. I want someone who chooses me all the time, every day, any time. REGARDLESS.

I woke up feeling so sad yet hopeful.

We would have a relationship that's filled with more laughs than tears because God knows I have cried enough. 

People will envy our friendship and say, "She married her soul-mate, HOW LUCKY ARE THEY!"

Someday right?

I will right?

Will I?

On The Rise: Sik Streetwear!

12:00 AM

I always have a space in my heart for those who have been good to me. My homie Sergio over at SIK Streetwear has been!

I always see him promotiing and hustling. A passion is alwasy an amazing thing to see! 

I know many of you support you local clothing designers, so if you have the extra funds, can you guys support Sik Streetwear! Sucha  positive company!

Check out thier clothing HERE! (


IT Cosmetics : Your Most Radiant You TODAY ONLY!

12:00 AM

It Cosmetics once again was beyond gracious to this little lady to bring you guys this AMAZING set: Your Most Radiant You! Which will be available on QVC October 14th!

Radiant You contains 5 extraordinary pieces from IT Cosmetics that are our favorites. If I love it, I know you will! So shall we get to the good stuff! We shall!

Celebration Foundation  Illumination Full Coverage Anti-Aging Foundation

Provides full-coverage and illumination to your skin. I personally LOVE this foundation. Stays on and doesn't make me greasy. 

CC+ Ombre Blush

Gives you the perfect balance of color and luminosity, blending from matte to pearlized radiance. It's a blush and highlighter all in one compact! I am so skeptical about blushes that it really did put my other blushes to shame. I just loved the way it made my cheeks illuminate and glow!

HELLO Lashes Extensions 24HR Mascara

Helps you achieve the look of false lashes. It also feature fibers that gives your lashes volume and length! Now if you know me, you know I don't wear fake eyelashes. So finding a mascara that gives me that "fake eyelashes" look is key to me. This was a great mascara. Didn't rub off and gave me that false eyelash look. 

No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

It's clinically proven to remain waterproof for up to 12 hours. When I first put this on, it literally felt smooth like gel. Stayed waterproof for my day and looked flawless.

Heavenly Luxe Double Airbrush Foundation Brush

Final Look


WHERE:  QVC's Today Special Value

WHEN: October 14th, 2014

TIME: Midnight (Eastern Time) until 11:59pm ONLY 

ITEM CODE: #A260772; #A262259 (auto-delivery)

This is a MUST for all you make-up junkies!