REVIEW: PhotoWall

2:34 PM

Hi Guys! Im back again with another review! So, we are stuck in qaurantine and what better way to pass time than to start hanging up pictures!

I was asked to work with PhotoWall and honestly, it was the best experience ever. Even though I delayed with my post (Sorry guys) it was amazing!

Shipping was fast and they even give you options!

You have the option to order a Canvas Print, Posters, Wall paper, and Wall murals. As much as I wanted to get wallpaper I had to opt for a Canvas Print. 

They even frame your picture. Which is done so beautifully.

As I said, please don't hesitate with shipping. They deliver it with a tracking code and even though coming from overseas, it arrived within days of ordering.

And guess what? You get a discount. Just use IFCURVESCOULDTALK at checkout and get 25% off. 

Review: ProjeX Projecting Game Arcade

4:35 PM

Hey babes! Been a while right? Now look, we are in quarantine! What does that mean? Finding new ways to entertain us and the family! What a better time to introduce to you ProjeX Projecting Game Arcade!

ProJex is a fun interactive game for the whole family!  Any room can be turned into a game room, all that's needed is a dark room, the family, and a blank wall that has no artwork or patterns...just blank! Seriously, no need to hook anything up to a TV screen. No need to fuss with cables and chords. Just Just point ProjeX at a blank wall, grab a blaster and aim!  Enjoy real-life gaming, without the limitations of a screen!

You can play solo, head-to-head, or Co-Op where you join in teams and combine scores. Its portable and battery operated, so it can go wherever you go! Requires three AAA batteries (that are not included). You can experience a tournament or just try to "up" your own score. It's everything and more!

Has a LED scoring display

Has 5 different built-in games test your speed and skill

3 skill levels – beginner, advanced and expert (The “beginner” setting accommodates even the youngest players in the room.

3 interchangeable image slides!   Blast ducks, targets or UFOs – each with its own unique sound effects! 

Change slides to change your level of difficulty:
    • Blue (targets) = easy
    • Red (UFOs) = medium
    • White (ducks) = difficult

We loved it! It gave us gave us family time and we had a blast ! I definitely recommend this game for family fun ! 

You can find ProjeX at your local Walmart and Target for $49.99 and in Canada at Toys R' Us for $69.99

DISCLOSURE:  This product was sent to me for review and all the opinions are solely mine. 

But here is your chance to win one!!

Review : Dresslily

12:00 AM

I ordered two bathing suits from Dresslily this summerand I thought , “Duh Stef! Write a review!”

Things you should know: 

1. Size up 
2. Padding in the bathing suits suck!
3. If it’s out of stock, they won’t tell you. 
4. Shipping notices take FOREVER 

5. Both these bathing suits can be found on EBay for cheaper (true story) 

Sea world

12:00 AM

My mom took us to Sea World and Noah has such a great time. He LOVES penguins!

Mask Monday!

12:40 PM

I picked this mask up from Daiso. If you aren’t familiarwith Daiso, it’s a Japanese store that is amazing! 

I got the Green Tea Facial Mask.

When you take it out of the packet, it’s slimey lol but it’s also cold! Which is always good if it’s a mask to help you relax. Plus I was out all day in the sun, so it feltso refreshing.

This is the mask applied. Like it said, it is slimey and does smell like green tea!

I let it sit for 20 minutes. It sorta burned my face. The directions was to remove the mask and NOT wash your face. But I had too. It was just too much for my skin.

It was drying but I also felt my face burn more. So I washed it off. It was a good thing to know , that I don’t do well with this particular mask. I will try more from their line though. I have sensitive skin. 

Sunday Funday

9:10 PM

We spent the day in the pool.

We got Noah a new life vest from Costco , so we tested it out.

Saturday’s with Stef

3:41 PM

I once read a quote online that said “Bloom where you are planted.” I struggled after motherhood with my body. I lost a ton of weight, went on vacation and gained it back. It’s the gaining 40lbs that I really did struggle with. I have no clothes my size . All small and o refuse to buy a ton of newer ones. 

Bloom where you are planted. So here I am PLANTEDand blooming!  Yes blooming! I am getting in the picture, wearing a tankini, wearing shorts and not afraid of my body! I am teaching my son self-love. I am showing him that I am happy where I am planted. I never want him thinking I am so obsessed with my weight that it prevented us from having fun. I am planted. I am

I hope you are blooming where you are planted . I hope that you bloom so much that others want to bloomtoo ❤️