Saturday's with Stef: Friendships

12:00 AM

The last few months have been filled with growing pains. Making changes, changing, evolving. I realized that my circle of friends got super-duper small.

I am so okay with that.

Realizing that some friendships aren't meant to carry over into my 30's is completely okay. I have kissed so much of these people's asses that NOW, I don't care. They make NO effort anyways. I cannot keep trying to keep people in my life that dont make effort when God is pulling me into a different direction.

It all started when I began to lose weight. The skinny friends that once found me as an ego boost now see me as competition. 

I am NOT competeing with any woman or anyone. I am grown. If someone cant be happy for me and this new life, then in all honesty, they arent even a friend and never were.

Now I didn't come to this over night. I've been praying on it, crying over it, talking about it since it started. The things some people do to hurt me because they are jealous is beyond disgusting. I knew I needed to distance myself from some.

It's hard, thinking people are always going to be your friends, when in reality, they wont. Some are just temporary friends to lead you to the real friends. 

Weight Watchers Weigh-In: September Weigh-In

12:00 AM

Summer had made me gain 5.6 pounds...Aye dios mio! But I am back on it and I will lose it! Best believe! 
On another note!
Look at this spiffy plate I found!

REVIEW: Get your Glasses on with Firmoo

3:16 PM

I am such a sucker for sunglasses! I have written about Firmoo before and will constantly brag about them and their sunnies!  Firmoo once again hooked me up with an awesome pair of sunnies that def made the L.A sun not so bad for my eyes.

I ordered the Unisex Full Frame Acetate (#OMJ8005) I love me some brown sunglasses and these kept the sun away from my eyes completely. With age(I say that with such horror in my voice) my eyes have been sensitive to the sun. I cant be in the sun without sunglasses. They begin to burn and even water. Firmoo sunglasses prevent that. Durable and stylish! Everything I look for in sunglasses. Not to mention affordable!

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Who doesn't love free glasses!

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I genuinely stand behind Firmoo! Great way to get affordable, stylish and prescription glasses!