Mask Monday!

7:40 PM

Happy Monday folks! Today I have Freeman Beauty Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel Away Clay Mask.

I can’t even lie- this mask smells so amazing that it’s relaxing! Kinda like aromatherapy too! 

At first glance, it looks like foundation and the smell iswonderful!

It applied smoothly and it reminded me of foundation color wise. Smell wise- literally amazeballs!

Peeling it off once it was FULLY dry was easy-peasy !It totally had me feeling like I was peeling my skin (notliterally- just look wise) lol

It truly left my face feeling clean, refreshed and even had me relaxed!

OC Fair Fun

3:14 PM

My mom, Noah and I went to the OC Fair and we hada blast.

We visited the animals (especially our favorite part: THE PIGGIES!)  and went into the Butterfly Sanctuary. We just love the butterfly sanctuary and we thought Noah would too. He did!

We went on rides

Took silly pictures

And most of all, made sure Noah had fun

The OC Fair is going on from Now until August 11th 

Saturday’s With Stef: WEAR THE BATHING SUIT!

12:00 AM

At 33, I ordered my first EVER tankini and wore it PUBLICLY. See, my son (who is three) doesn’t care about my weight. He doesn’t care about my size of clothing.He certainly never hears me call myself “Fat” because I refuse to do that in his presence.

My thighs have cellulite. Stretch marks and other weird intentions which I have no name for lol. My thighs don’t save lives. They aren’t magical and the only helpful thing they do is catch food if I drop it 🤷🏻‍♀️

My body isn’t perfect. My boobs sag. My stomach has been stretched out beyond compare and my skin isn’t as soft as I’d like it to be.

This is me though! 

I’m at peace wit this.

Wear the bathing suit. Make memories and BE APART of those memories. Life is way too short to be at the beach in Jeans and a t-shirt during summer.

Friday Fun

4:00 PM
We went to the Griffith Park Pony Rides to have a little
Summer fun

WW Wednesday

10:43 AM

Happy WW Wednesday!

So today I am showing you my 7sp Cherry dump cake. Which could have been LESS points if I had used FRESH fruit. I was being lazy and honestly, the cherry filling was cheaper (YOLO!)

Anyways, just want to make it clear- YOU CAN REDUCE THE POINTS BY USING FRESH FRUIT!

What you will need:

Sugar free cake mix
1 1/2 cup of diet soda
Fruit of your choice 

(See picture above) 


Grease the pan and DUMP your fruit at the bottom.


Dump the cake mix on top


Dump the diet soda on top of the cake

It should bubble up like this. I dumped it evenly onto the mix


Bake! I had set mine at 350 and checked after 20 minutes like Most said to do and it still wasn’t done. Waited 1 hour and still wasn’t done. Finally put it on 450 and it was done in 30 

So I’m not sure what the exact temperature or time is.So the advice I give is 450 and thirty minutes lol PLAYWITH IT though lol

I added halo top to mine

Mask Monday: 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask

10:28 AM

Happy Monday! I’m back with another mask! The 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask has become a favorite of mine. 

This seaside detox peel off mask is suppose to leave your skin feeling clean and take off any dirt your skin collects.

Key Ingredients:
Sea Salt
Lava Seaweed 
Sea Buckthorn


This peel off mask is sticky slimey. So if you’re thinking it will just “Wipe off” from your fingers or applicator, you’re wrong.

Which isn’t bad a bad thing! I think the stickier, the better because it sticks to your face even more. 


I know you can’t really tell, but I had just woken up. Therefore I had grease and all that night stuff.

As a mom, I need a fast dry, or else Noah will pick at it for me. Then it becomes me having to clean Noah lol 
This mask dried in 15 minutes. Which is totally enough time because Noah takes 20 minutes for his breathing machine treatments 
The Peel

The peel was super easy! It didn’t hurt and I felt it really clinged to my skin, which made it super easy to peel off 

My face was red but I also felt like it was detoxed if that makes sense. My skin felt non greasy and smooth. Which is a plus for me!

I truly love this mask. 
I found mine at Walmart for 50 cents (it was on clearance) but you can purchase them HERE