Mask Monday: 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask

10:28 AM

Happy Monday! I’m back with another mask! The 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask has become a favorite of mine. 

This seaside detox peel off mask is suppose to leave your skin feeling clean and take off any dirt your skin collects.

Key Ingredients:
Sea Salt
Lava Seaweed 
Sea Buckthorn


This peel off mask is sticky slimey. So if you’re thinking it will just “Wipe off” from your fingers or applicator, you’re wrong.

Which isn’t bad a bad thing! I think the stickier, the better because it sticks to your face even more. 


I know you can’t really tell, but I had just woken up. Therefore I had grease and all that night stuff.

As a mom, I need a fast dry, or else Noah will pick at it for me. Then it becomes me having to clean Noah lol 
This mask dried in 15 minutes. Which is totally enough time because Noah takes 20 minutes for his breathing machine treatments 
The Peel

The peel was super easy! It didn’t hurt and I felt it really clinged to my skin, which made it super easy to peel off 

My face was red but I also felt like it was detoxed if that makes sense. My skin felt non greasy and smooth. Which is a plus for me!

I truly love this mask. 
I found mine at Walmart for 50 cents (it was on clearance) but you can purchase them HERE

Amazing Intimacy Box

12:00 AM

Hey! Hey! Hey! The wonderful staff over at Amazing Intimacy Box were super kind enough to send Daniel and I a box to review and TRY! 

Having a toddler and teen is time consuming. More often than I like to admit, Daniel and I forget to schedule alone time. Which, we know can be stressful. So this box is perfect for us! 

The creator of Amazing Intimacy Box, Leslie Gustafson wanted all couples to set aside time for each other and make couples relationships a priority. 

The box literally screams, “Our relationship is important to us!” 

So shall we get into it! 

59” Spring Patterned Chiffon Roundie

This beautiful printed roundie is super perfect for Daniel and I to share closely while enjoying time outside. It’s made out of chiffon and can double and a beautiful head scarf for those romantic car rides. 

Sensuous Story Telling Cards

These cards were designed by the creator of the Amazing Intimacy Box to help you and your partner share creative, imaginative , and delicious ideas together. One of you start by reading the story out loud and the other comes up with a satisfying ending. Daniel and I couldn’t stop laughing but at the same time, I was super impressed by what we came up with! So intimate and creative! We really enjoyed these cards as a couple because it brought out a creative side to us. 

MyJoy Collection: A touch of honey raspberry chocolate honey dust

This is edible body powder that comes with a soft redmarabou feather. This was super yummy and totally spiced things up if you know what I mean. (Blushes)

Yours and Mine Handover Journals with Elastic Closure

These journals are for you and your partner to express how you feel intimately. Whether it be love notes, sexy notes or just a way to express how you feel to yourpartner. I am a big writer , Daniel- not so much. We are working on it though! Lol 

Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Leslie created a Spotify playlist to enjoy with our waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It’s portable and can be brought anywhere with us! Whether it’s the beach or a picnic ! 

Visit Amazing Intimacy Box and use code: AIBFRIENDS to save $10 on your first box! 

Saturday’s with Stef

8:15 AM

Some days I truly trip out on how I’m a mom. I mean, let’s be real- I really wanted to be a mom but I was super selfish.

Anyways, the other day Noah came up to
Me and was just loving on me. He wrapped his little arms around me and I felt any negative feelings I had, go away. They didn’t matter.

My grandpa used to tell me I saved him. I always responded back with, “and you saved me.”
 But when Noah hugged me, I got what my grandpa meant when he said it to me.

I needed Noah. Somehow, God knew I needed this Wild, outspoken, kind and caring son. 

He’s saved me.

Review: Aldi Find- Easy Home Neck Fan

12:00 AM

These were discounted at Aldi this week, so I picked up two. One for me and one for the hubs. He laughedat it, whatever though. More for me. You guys, I LOVEIT!

It’s not SUPER powerful, but it has power to it!  This is great for theme parks, days at the beach , park or any outing really.
The power switch to turn on and off is easy.

Runs on two AA batteries (That it came with)

And blows from the top! So if you wear around your neck, it blows air up! 


WW Wednesday!

9:19 AM

It’s been awhile since a sista (me, I am the sista) posted WW Wednesday! If you don’t know, Weight Watchers rebranded themselves. I cannot lie to you, I struggled with it at first but I am trying to get my groove back. 

I stand at 172 lbs. my lowest was 137 lbs. Hopefully I can get back there. 

Each week I am going to share “What I’m feelin’” Andthese are just recipes, items, tools for my journey or aworkout. 

So here we go!


This breakfast is my jam y’all! 
Appleton Ham slices- Which are 4 for 1sp. I only use one though because one is enough for me and it’s also zero smartpoints.

Eggs - zero smartpoints 
Seasoned Choice hash brown patties (4 smartpoints)

Step one: I brown the ham for a few seconds to warm it up and grill it for a bit

Step two:

I add the scrambled up egg to it and cook it.

Step three:

While all that is cooking I air fry my patty. Air frying means no oils .

Then it’s done! It’s a filling four smartpoints breakfast and super easy and quick!
Sometimes I just eat the ham and egg alone for zero points .

If you are thinking about WW and want to join, I have a link where you get a MONTH FREE! Just to try it! 
Click Here!

A free month to try and if you don’t like it- you lose NO money when you cancel!