9:21 PM

I got a bad injury :( I'll be back tomorrow loves. In the meantime I received my shirt to support Liam Kowal who was hit by a drunk driver and was a baby. Please don't drink and drive !!


12:00 AM

I wish I had a new story to tell you Postpartum depression is no joke. I sometimes feel so empty inside but then I look at my son and my heart fills with joy.

I am so thankful Daniel truly loves me.

I am so thankful I have family to help me out.

This phase in my life is so confusing.

As much as I love being with my son, I am starting to think about getting another job. Have some adult interaction. Does this make sense? I talk baby all day. Don't get me wrong. Its the best kind of talk. 

Maybe I need adult interactuon. Which I do get from Daniel and my family but you know what I am talking about. I just want a job I LOVE. Not some job I dread going into.

Will I ever find my role in the job world? Or was I meant to be on my own job wise?

I hope he grows up to be something great in the world. Go to school and get a job he loves. Be successful and never depend on anyone.

I hope he doesnt follow in my footsteps,

I sure have made a ton of mistakes school wise and job wise.



12:00 AM

Summer is ending and like many new moms, I wish I had taught my son to get the feel of floating around and moving his tiny feet around in a pool. The great thing though is I can do just that in the privacy of my own bathtub. Now you may be thinking, "What is this?" 

It's the SwimAva! Now before you panic and start saying, "But it goes around the babies neck? How can this be safe?" Let me assure you, IT IS SAFE and although Noah wasn't smiling, he wasn't crying either. In fact he was so calm as he floated in the bathtub. 

So what exactly is SwimAva?

Swimava is an unique infant swimming product that allows your baby to freely move around in the water while keeping their head safely above water. At Swimava, safety comes first. Swimava uses high quality hypo-allergenic PVC plastic. They are also lead, phthalate, and Bisphenol-A free.  Their float designs ensure a comfortable, yet secure fit around the baby's neck ( as for the neck floats) or chest (for the underarm floaties). All floats  feature separate air chambers each secured with tight fitting air locks. Swimava products have met and exceeded the safety standard from international labs such as SGS and Intertek. 

NOTE:  Please do not leave your children unattended in any body of water. 

There are benefits to the Swimava. According to there are eight healthy benefits to using the Swimava.

1. Promote the development of bone and muscle coordination.

2. Strengthen the respiratory and circulatory systems.

3. Builds the immune system.

4. Stimulate brain development. 

5. Increase appetite and digestion.

6. Regulate sleep.

7. Promote sensory recognition.

8. Allow for parent-child bonding.

 So How did Noah and I like it?

Although you don't see a huge smile on his face and it wasn't in a large body of water like a pool. He actually was calm and just floated, occasionally moving his little arms and feet around. Let me tell you, Noah is teething and him just floating seemed to relax him. Yes, I panicked at first. I mean, come on, your sons neck being wrapped in a plastic floaty isnt ideal, but really it did not constrict his breathing AT ALL. 

So how can you get a SwimAva?

Simply visit 

but I have exciting news!

 One lucky reader will win ONE REE Swimava G1 Ring! 

ALL you have to do is complete TWO mandatory tasks on my Rafflecoppter and your in the drawing!


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