Happy Mother's Day

9:28 PM

Daniel didn't get me this purse, he got me something else- a Clarisonic! But I'm too lazy to go take a pic 😂 

I had the best first Mother's Day and was surrounded with love from everyone . It was so nice to have Daniel and Noah to cuddle with . Just missing Daniels son (sad face) I love my little family.

Hope all you mommies had a wonderful day . Feliz dia de las madres ! Happy Mother's Day !😘❤️

REVIEW: Emjoi's Micro-Pedi

2:50 PM

Spring is here and before you know it, so will summer! I know first hand, everyone is worried about their summer bodies, but what about your summer feet? 

We also are always trying to cut corners with our pedi costs! Lets face it, keeping our feet on fleek, every day can add up! That's why the Emjoi MicroPedi is the perfect tool for you!

With its innovative roller spinning 360 degrees at an amazing 30 times per second, it gently buffs away all your ridges, imperfections and discoloring all while adding a beautiful shine.
The Micro-Pedi system removes dry, rough, hardened, callused skin from the soles of feet in less than one minute, leaving them soft and beautiful. It's so painless and you wont be left with nicks or cuts from the blades!

I am constantly buying pumice stones just to keep my feet smooth. 

My feet felt so ugly with my rough feet. It took less than a minute to turn that feeling around though. The Emjoi Micro-Pedi was so easy to use and took less than a minute to take away all my dead skin , leaving my feet silky smooth!

Also, like promised, it's painless!

Yikes! Do you see all that dead skin! Oh my!

I really recommend the Emjoi Micro-Pedi for all genders! It's cost efficient, saves you money and time!

MicroPedi in Clam Package with 1 roller for $29.95 is available for product sampling/testing. The same device in a gift box with an extra roller is currently on the site with this link:

**Disclosure: Liptonpublicity provided me with a road test same for review**

Mommyhood: 1 month

8:06 AM

I'm settling into mommyhood and I'm enjoying everything about it. Our little family is so complete . I now have two boys and a wonderful partner. Life is so good and God is so good to me.

Noah turned one month on the 25th 😊❤️

Welcome Noah Daniel

11:23 PM

Our little prince was born March 25th. I have to say, labor was easy and smooth. Considering they cut off my epidural hours and hours before . So I felt everything ! But it was the most beautiful pain I have ever felt. Because of my working out, I pushed 3 times and he was out! Lucky me! 

TKO: Adjustable Resistance Bands

11:13 PM

It's been awhile. This pregnancy , well this third trimester took a toll physically on me. Which made it super hard to leave the house and exercise. Thankfully, I was blessed to review these Adjustable Resistance bands by TKO.

These 4-way resistance bands, tighten abs and sculpt arms and back. If you are into fitness, you will know Resistance Bands build core muscles while enhancing strength and flexibility.
These Bands are super easy to use and also super-portable and perfect for those on-the-go workouts. 
You can also customize these bands with resistance to fit you workout needs.

Retailing for $12.99,  which for me and I am sure many others,makes working out affordable to workout at home!

(Side note: Do you see how swollen my feet are! Can you imagine me working anywhere else but home! Thanks to these resistance bands, it made working out at home so easy for me!)

You can purchase TKO Ab Stretch 4-Way Resistance Bands HERE! 

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample for trial by Liptonpublicty