My Wrinkly Breasts

3:49 PM

I want to start off by saying, I have been going back and forth about blogging on this subject. It's a subject weight loss related, yet no one ever really speaks of. I also want to add, that if you are gonna screenshot this to make fun me, go ahead. I have nothing to hide and by you talking about it or me negatively, only speaks volumes about who you are as a human. So why am I writing this? To let other women know they are not alone. 

This is my breast. This is my reality. This is something I struggle with daily. I have ever since I lost weight. Even before I had my son. See, I lost 119 lbs prior to having my son. Dude, 119! That alone is amazing yet it took a toll on my body. Loose skin affected not only my stomach and inner thighs, but my breasts. Then I got pregnant. Gained weight and because of that the loose skin on my breasts disappeared. 

I then had my son. Now I am 58 pounds smaller, which is back to my pre-baby weight and then some. All that, took a huge toll on my body and skin.

Prior to Daniel, having sex with men, was EMBARRASSING. I left my top on and I would mush my boobs into a push up bra in hopes they wouldn't see my breasts. It wasn't until Daniel, I got fully naked. I felt vulnerable and he didn't care. Until this day, he still doesn't care and caresses my dough-like breasts like they are the most amazing breasts in the world.

Now how do I feel about my breasts even though Daniel loves them? BAD. I want implants, but unfortunately I can't afford them. So I spend hours combing the racks at Ross and Marshall's for a push-up bra that wont show my loose skin. I am beyond scared to even step into a Victoria's Secret. When it comes to sports bras, I can only wear one. It's pricey and unfortunately I have wore mine out so I will have to wait to get another. It's SheFit. It locks my breasts in place so they don't move. So the loose skin doesn't pull. Have you ever felt the pain of loose skin pulling? Horrible! Needless to say, bra shopping is a nightmare.

 Truth be told, I even laugh hysterically when I am in the shower washing myself and I bend over. They look like cow utters (hand over face). I snapchat my close friends my loose skin breasts problems and sometimes even get an exchange pic because this is our reality. We lost weight, had babies and lost weight again. 

Why does no one ever speak about this? Oh! I know. Because there will always be some negative Nancy shaming a woman's body.

I have no real words of encouragement for those of you who deal with this. I just hope you know, you're not alone.

Here's to some day getting breast implants! *holds up my glass of wine*

REVIEW: The Bandit Shop

12:00 AM

When I was heavier, I was big busted and didn't have the confidence to wear a sexy bra. Now that I had a baby and lost weight, Confidence is EVERYTHING! I am still big busted and still struggle with finding the perfect sexy bra. I got the chance to team up with The Bandit Shop and let you all in on the confidence a bra or lingerie can give you. 

After spending years on granny bras and paying a fortune for a high end bra, CEO Simona created a large bust shopping service to help us big busted women feel sexy and confident. Bye! Bye! Granny bras! Hello sexy and comfortable!

The Bandit Shop offers European bras made for full figures (40-48 / DD - K Cups) at up to 50% off their retail price. They also have an easy fitting system. Because let's face it, not all boobs are created equal and we all are different kinds of queens.

You know I struggled with feeling sexy after my son. In fact, the mister often asked why I don't wear sexy things. So he was really surprised when he saw me in my bra sent from The Bandit Shop. Getting my size was easy as 1-2-3! So even though it says European, don't worry American's , you too can shop here!

The bras are beautiful and they offer a variety of styles in order for you slay! 

I feel like I preach it to you ALL the time, but feeling sexy is a key part of confidence. I love everything that The Bandit Shop stands for and it goes in hand with what I stand for: Loving your curves and all!

Visit The Bandit Shop HERE


12:00 AM

Happy Father's Day to a man who goes above and beyond for the boys and me. We love you so much!

Saturday's with Stef: My Freedom

12:00 AM

I sometimes miss the freedom I had. I could just pick up anytime I wanted and go somewhere without me having to take 30 minutes to get out the door. I miss the days when I could lay in bed and watch TV without any disruptions. Or take a poop in silence.

Yes, sometimes I miss my freedom. Does that make me a bad mom? No. I am 100% positive ALL moms feel this way. HELL! I am positive that my mom feels this way at times when I just wanna linger around her. Mind you, I am 31 years old. Sorry mom. 

See, as much as I miss my freedom. I don't. I absolutely look at my son in amazement. I made a little human being. He's funny, smart and incredibly adventurous. I was born for him...does that make sense?

I am LIVING! I don't have the energy to be out at all hours of the night anymore. In fact, I can't remember the last time I was drunk lol. I always tell Daniel, "Im gonna have two beers!" and he laughs because after one, I wanna lay in bed and cuddle with my two boys (Daniel and Noah). 

I know as he gets older, it will get easier for me to get out of the house within 10 minutes...I think lol. But I wish some people knew that as much as I miss my freedom and them....I rather be with my son.

I don't know if this blog even makes sense! Here I am talking about how much I miss my freedom and then I'm contradicting myself saying how much I rather give up my freedom for my son.

Is this motherhood? Lol

REVIEW: ThinkBaby ThinkSaucer Suction Plate

1:30 PM

For the last 15 months I have dealt with my beautiful son throwing his food and plate! I think all moms can relate to this...and the feeling of, "Dodge the plate! Dodge the food!"

I was contacted by ThinkBaby to review this awesome suction plate. I have heard of these, but never tried it. So like any mom, I was stoked when I recieved this product.

 The Suction plate has a quick release that keeps food in plate and not everywhere in your dining room. The push button removable top allows for easy food storage for any leftover. It's super versatile, the removable suction plate allows for usage from new feeds to adults. Not made from harmful chemicals, dishwasher safe and has 2 easy scoop sections - perfect for beginning feeders.

Guess what! My son loved this plate! The plate didn't go flying and he felt like such a big boy eating off a plate that doesn't move lol. It suctioned to his highchair amazingly. Didn't budge and was easy to clean.

I truly recommend this product to parents with children who are beginning to feed from a plate. Great suction and really gives your child the confidence they need. Not to mention the discipline of "Dont throw the plate!" The perks are amazing too: YOU GET A CLEAN FLOOR! Cha-ching!

You can find your very own suction plate HERE

Review: Beessential

3:41 PM

I'm Baccccck! And I am so stoked to be back with this review! I was contacted by Beessential and was sent some awesome products! Okay you guys, I have been using these products for a few weeks now and my skin feels amazing!

They sent me The Foaming Hand Soap in Lavender with a hint of Bergamot. With the coconut, olive and hemp oils combined, it cleans my skin thoroughly and leaves them feeling soft for HOURS! I set this one in my kitchen and the guests love it!

Moving on to my shower, I received The Natural Lavender and Bergamot body wash. This is a great alternative to SLS. Leaves you feeling soft but also makes your showers much more relaxing. Let me tell you. When I get those mommy alone time in the bath, this is EVERYTHING. I am so calm and relaxed after. My family is thankful lol.

I also received a Lemon-Lavender beeswax lip balm. I am super picky about lip balms. I need something that I don't have to keep reapplying. THIS IS WONDERFUL! Kept my lips soft and stayed on. It smells heavenly too!

All in all, These products and plus the ones you offer are a hit. Not only do they produce natural products (from bees) but they also give back to a charity and you know a company that gives back is a great company!

Check them out at