Keep Your Future Bright with the Right Eye Protection

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I call my blog If Curves Could Talk for good reason, but If my curves could sing, the song you’d hear is My Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades, and believe me, they would be some fly Ray Ban shades. I love the stylish look of these classic beauties. Their iconic Aviators not only look good, they offer protection from the harmful UV or ultra violet sun rays. They even have Ray Ban styles for children that you can customize. I can’t wait to go twinning with my little one in our stylish Ray Ban Aviators. 
Moms, be careful about putting your infant child down in the sun. We are prone to putting our babies down on their backs. When we do, if they are outdoors they are exposed to the sun’s rays. Even if you put them on their stomachs, as soon as they learn to turn over, they are so pleased with their new skill they turn over just for fun. Make sure you protect your child’s eyes and yours by using a great UV blocker like Ray Ban sunglasses. You can snag a pair right now for a deep discount if your shop for them through the Groupon site. They are offering great deals like $115 for Women’s Bestsellers and top-rated sunglasses for as low as $70 and they have plenty of special Groupon codes and exclusives to save you even more. And you can quickly qualify for free shipping. Using Groupon is so easy, especially when you use your smart phone to shop, click and save. 
 Too many people underestimate the importance of protecting our eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun. The UV index was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Weather Service to make us more aware of the risks of sunburn, skin cancer and eye damage from exposure to the suns radiation. You can’t see it, but you can suffer greatly from it if you don’t use a blocker. Ray Ban set out so solve this problem for pilots way back in the early days of aviation. Today we still benefit from their research. The closefitting, wraparound frame of the Aviator style is still one of the most iconic and popular because it offers great protection, and looks so darn cool.

REVIEW: Berkshire Hosiery

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Okay guys, last time I reviewed Berkshire, it was 100 degrees in Los Angeles, and it's safe to say, the weather feels cool! By cool, I mean SoCal high 60's and in the 70's (hahaha). So I can finally wear my Berkshire hosiery!

The 2017 Berkshire Queen Size Collection features a variety of categories that meets the needs of all curvy and plus size customers. Special maternity styles are also available! Whether you wear them for  work, play, dress-up, bridal, daytime, evenings, weekends, holidays or worship, there is always the perfect choice from Berkshire!

As you can see, Berkshire offers a variety to meet your needs. They are so comfortable and breathable.  They also don't constrict you like some stockings do. They have such a variety that you will have no problem finding the perfect tight! I found the fishnets, still oh so sexy but also the the bold black, to go with a few work outfits for when I meet clients. Can we talk about the open toe? Look how stylish, yet amazing that open toe legging is! I usually don't like tights. Been like that since I was a baby, however, with Berkshire, I forget I am even wearing tights! That's how great these tights are you guys!

You can purchase Berkshire HERE

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Disclosure: Lipton Publicity provided me samples and all reviews are genuine.

REVIEW: Maple Holistics

12:00 AM

Okay, I know what you're thinking, "Sage Shampoo!?" I love me some Sage, so when Maple Holistics sent me a bottle of their Sage Shampoo, I was STOKED! Usually I go around my house burning sage, casting negative vibes away.

It smelled so good , but also the benefits are amazing.

I have used this product for a little over a month. It has helped not only relax me, but it reduces skin cell shedding and removes dandruff. It contains powerful anti-fungal properties which give you a healthy scalp.

My scalp feels so clean and amazing. 

Not only do they offer Sage Shampoo (Which can be bought HERE) but a variety of other natural ingredient products like Conditioners and hair treatments. Also they just don't sell sage products. There's Argon oil, natural tea and more!

Definitely worth spending money on.

Check them out HERE


Keep On Keeping On Mom!

10:06 AM


  When I first found out I was pregnant I was told, “Have a birthing plan and stay firm on it.” Life though, had other plans for me and the birth of my son. I was 40 weeks pregnant when I got induced. Knowing I could be in labor for days, I made my birthing pan more flexible and idealistic to my situation. I was given pitocin and at 3 am, my water broke. I called the nurse and she came 30 minutes later to clean me up but gave me no medicine. My contractions came stronger and stronger. At 6 am received an epidural, not once but twice because the anesthesiologist couldn’t find the exact spot the first time. I was fine with everything up to this point. This was life’s plan for the birth of my son and I was anxious just to hold him. At 10 am I was in and out of sleep, running a fever and the nurse couldn’t see my contractions. I was dilating slowly and the doctor made the call to stop the epidural and let it wear off.

 After three big pushes and the most beautiful pain I have ever experienced, at 4:41 pm on March 25th, 2016 my son Noah was born. Tears overflowed in the room, and there was cheering. They laid him on my chest but he didn’t cry. At first I thought, “Such a quiet baby.” Before I could kiss him, the immediately removed him from my chest and took him to the other side of the room. As the doctor and my nurses took care of me, I looked over and saw a team of nurses working on my son. I kept yelling out for answers and finally they told me Noah isn’t breathing correctly. I have never cried so hard in my life. I begged his father to not leave him and pleaded with the team to help my baby. 

Once I was settled in the postpartum section of the Labor and Delivery, the doctor and nurses informed me that Noah had four pneamothoraxes and sepsis. They were going to transfer for him to a hospital with a NICU. I cried all night, calling his father every hour throughout the night for updates. A nurse came in and told me I needed to start pumping for my son. That’s what I did. I pumped for the first time and got 2 ounces of breast milk, or as I like to call it, “liquid gold.” The nurses were amazed and encouraged me to keep pumping.

 The next day I was released and I headed over to the hospital where he was at. Since we were far from home we were fortunate enough to be able to stay across the street at The Ronald McDonald House. I set up feeding times with the nurses, in which I would walk across the street to breastfeed Noah. I made it clear that I wanted to breastfeed once I handed my milk over to them. They agreed and that was the plan. In between feedings I would pump and hand it over to them. The plan horribly failed. A nurse decided to give him two bottles before I had arrived for his first feeding. He stared at my breast and would turn his head. They all chucked it up to, “He will come around.” After 4 lactation nurses and 7 days in the NICU, he was cleared to go home and I was assured all my attempts to breastfeed will be easier once I get home. 

It wasn’t. I cried each time I had to whip my breast out and he pushed his head away screaming. I was Pumping in between , so thankfully he had a bottle of breast milk . One day, after a couple of months, I woke up from a whole night of trying to breastfeed him (which again, always ended up with me having to give him a bottle of my breast milk) and decided I wasn’t going to force him to breastfeed anymore. Pump to bottle it was. Relentlessly, I pumped and fed him through a bottle. Best decision for us…EVER!! 

Then came the comments, “Keep trying! Breast is best!” I would smile but I would still feel bad that I couldn’t breastfeed. It was a guilt I lived with for a few months. Up until recently I realized, “My kid has never starved.” Now he is almost 10 months, and has been formula fed for going in 6 months. I no longer feel guilty. I feel beyond happy that my son is fed, that he is happy and healthy as can be.”

 If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have been so hard on myself. 

So many companies praise moms for not only breastfeeding, but also formula feeding. The Honest Company gives not only your baby a healthy alternative to breast milk, but also gives mothers a peace of mind knowing her baby is still getting all of his or her nutrients.

Check out The Honest Company and it's Organic Baby Formula HERE

 So I say this to you: Do what’s best for you and your child. In the end, as long as they are happy and healthy, you have done an excellent job as a mother. When Plan “A” fails, it’s okay! There’s the whole alphabet to go through and figure out what’s working for you. Keep on keeping on mom!

Look and Feel Great With These Fashion Tips for New Moms

12:00 AM

I recently became a mommy to my beautiful baby boy, and while I love spending time with my son, looking and feeling great can sometimes be a challenge. What I've come to realize is that getting my pre-baby body back may take time, but I can be in charge of what I wear by choosing pieces designed to accentuate my favorite features. After doing some research, I've decided to share a few figure-flattering pieces with you.

Flattering Pants

I think the Huffington Post is right on target when they say that boot-cut jeans are universally flattering. If you're not feeling great about how you look in your pants after baby, then invest in a pair that will expand and contract with you. Jeggings, yoga pants, or bootcut jeans with an elastic waist and plenty of stretch will serve you well whether you lose a few pounds after giving birth or not. Pair them with heels or booties for a leg elongating look.

Face First

Do your makeup if it makes you feel better, and then wear a top that either shows off some cleavage, or a statement necklace that you love. This will draw the eye up, brighten your complexion, and hopefully improve your outlook. Vibrant colors also have the ability to lift your mood, so a top that's colorful, rather than black or gray, would be a good pick. Shy away from patterns, though, as these can add weight, even to small frames.

Tailored Jackets

Perfect for hiding that post-baby tummy, Lyst points to well-tailored clothes that can serve a new mom well. A structured jacket will accentuate strong shoulders, and nip in the waist through purposeful tailoring. These look great layered over a loose blouse or trapeze-style top. Choosing a black blazer will assist with slimming your figure, especially when left unbuttoned and worn over a contrasting color, like white.

High Heels

Popsugar has some great postpartum style tips, but one of the best takeaways has to be wearing heels. Get yourself a comfortable pair that will go with everything. Flesh tones are a great place to start, because this means neutral and leg elongating, because it's harder to tell where you end and the shoes begin.

Loose Tops

Whether it's a sweater, tee, or a button down, loose tops are a must-have after baby. Not only are they great for nursing, but they are also very forgiving. Flannels are great for fall and winter, and can be topped with a vest for an extra touch of style. Once you're back to where you want to be, adding a belt around the waist or just under the bust will create some structure.

REVIEW: Berkshire Leggings

9:15 PM

Hey! Hey! Hey! Im back and I am back with a review on Berkshire tights. First  let me tell you to the weather here in Los Angeles. It's been almost 100 degrees in October and now November! Gahhh! I wore the fishnets once but have no pics unfortunately. However, I have an honest review and that you can count on!

I love Berkshire tights. Actually, love is an understatement. I really do LOVE these. Berkshire tights are so comfy and they feel like butter on your legs. With that combo, you cant go wrong! 

This entire Berkshire collection is made to fit properly for all sizes and shapes. And did you know, many of Berkshire's manufacturing processes are still done by hand.
This 2016 Berkshire Collection features gives an amazing variety of legwear choices for EVERY preference, occasion and need. They come in regular, plus and maternity sizing with many style options. We all love options! And we all love legwear that can dress up our outfit for any occasion!
I absolutely loved the fishnets. They were sexy yet so comfortable. And I never like wearing leggings but I swear by Berkshire!
Like I do with all of my other posts, I have to keep it real with you. I moved and got sick and unfortunately made you guys miss on the 15% discount that was offered to you guys. I am so sorry!
However, you can head over to their website and pick out the perfect leggings for your Fall and Winter