Saturday's with Stef

12:36 AM

I don't always have good days....In fact, lately have been feeling anything but sexy. We all have those days. Sometimes we think, "hat if I was thinner?" Sometimes I am convinced skinnier people have it easier. They have the boyfriend, the nice car, the great friends, the cute outfits, the amazing ability to always seem perfect. In the end I know that is not true...sure I may have a crappy car, but I have wonderful amazing best friends, HAD a boyfriend but have many men who are into me (I just got out of a bad relationship, I will talk about this another day), I just hella fly and I do have the ability to seem flawless. Though it is days like today in which I sit and wonder about "What if I was thinner?"  
Do you ever feel this way?

How do you cope?


Stephie J said...

girl you're on your way! this doesnt happen over night.

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I can definitely relate to all the feelings you expressed up there. I've had so many men not be happy with my "fat" throughout the years, only to get it right in my early 30's. I now have a boyfriend that loves me the way I am. Which has given me a safe environment to really see all I have to offer the world. It's definitely helped my self-esteem, but now I no longer feel the urgency to go to the gym. Sigh. I hate that. I'm hoping that the sadness I feel about not being able to wear my clothes will motivate me somehow.