Sally Hansen : Salon Effects Review

12:16 AM

So this week I tried Sally Hansens : Salon Effects. 
Did I think it was COOL? Yes...

But for $9.99....NO

I could have done this with my Konad.

The box reads it lasts up to 10 days...NOT true. More like 5.

Those who don't use their hands, sure its gonna last longer. 

I got to uses out of each I have another set left over.

Would I buy it again? NO.

Like I said , it's cool..but I rather stick to my Konad Nail Kit!

Over all Review: 5 out of 10

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Traci Marie Wolf said...

Pretty cool, my friend just told me about those, how easy they are to use. Now that two people have sung their praises maybe I'll try them.