Saturday's with Stef

12:12 AM

I am poor. It is no secret. I cant afford food for myself sometimes and sometimes I do not have the funds to even go out with my friends. I wanted to buy new threads this weekend, but A) My confidence was low and B) I was short on funds. Money has always been an issue with me.
I grew up without it, and typically when you grow up without it, you value it more when you do have it. So, I get it, my blog isn't always about the HAULS I get, or the new pair of shoes I get. But I try to focus more on the reader who is like me: BROKE. I am searching for jobs as we speak. And lemme tell you, it's NOT easy. 
I feel like such a failure without money. I would love to have a job that pays me to write. Just write. That is my passion and that is what I love to do. But this is reality. I don't. I guess, I feel stuck. While most women can shop til they drop I cant. I have to worry about what I need to pay, WHO I need to pay. I know what your thinking, why are doing Weight Watchers then? I NEED IT! More than I thought about health comes first. I know, I am just in a "pity me" mood, but this happens to A LOT of women whether we like to fess up or not. 

At the moment I am ONCE again freaking out about money. I cant always depend on someone else to help me out, this isn't their problem -It's MINE

I guess it is true what they say, Crash Rules Everything Around Me.


Traci Marie Wolf said...

Once again, I can relate. I think you're right a lot of people can relate right now days. There are somethings that make us feel good which can only be bought with money. I hope you find a great job, your dream job even. I have a job I love that pays me terrible but I'm happy to go everyday, money is a struggle for me too, fabulousity goes out the window when that happens.

Sasha Fox said...

Girl, I feel you. I am also jobless and looking like a maniac. The job search is talking me such a long time because unfortunately, I am super picky. I have been in retail management for close to 9 years and am really looking for something different. Luckily, I have unemployment holding me over, but I'm not the type of person to be comfortable relying on that at all. :/

BTW, added you to my blog links! :)