Saturday's with Stef

12:19 AM

I cheated. 

Yesterday I had barely eaten and I cheated. I pigged out on pizza. 


After I ate it I was like "Nooooooooooo!" but I soon realized, One day is NOT gonna hurt me. I live in Los Angeles. This is the city of thin bodies, silicone boobies, and perfect shapes. It's implied here, that if you are thin, you aren't part of L.A. There is this pressure us Angelenos feel. Be thin, eat veggies, work-out and so on. Truth is I will NEVER be thin. So I messed up ONCE. Sue me! I am gonna take this mistake and learn from it. Next time I WILL NOT barely eat all day.Sure I have days. "I'm too fat" "I'm this..." Its NORMAL! I need to remember that one day will NOT hurt me. So I screwed up. Pigged out. Cheated...whatever it is you want to label it.



Traci Marie Wolf said...

I like that you are trying to give yourself a break. Which you should. It's so easy to be discouraged, but it's hard to be self-confident and you are doing it. You got this girl!

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

Thank you Trac! xoxo!