Weekly Weigh-In: 3.4 Pounds Down

12:28 PM

I weighed in, hence why this post is late. I lost 3.4 pounds making my total weight loss 6.8! *Go Stef! Go Stef!* It was hard, but I did it. I do a lot of emotional eating. I eat when I am sad, because it makes me happy. I eat when I am happy, mad, or whatever emotion I feel-I eat! I just love food.  Food has ALWAYS been a constant in my life. It has NEVER lied to me, disappointed me, or even made me feel like I am not good enough for it. It's sad, but the truth. Food has been the constant in my crazy life. 
What are you views towards food? 
                                                                     Or both?


Stephie J said...

LOVE IT!! haha

Good job hunny!!

B said...

Congrats Stef! Keep it up!