BATH TIME! Scrub-A-Dub-Dub!

9:35 AM

So I was in the shower today and I realized I may have SOME sort of OCD. I use a Body Wash and a Loofah, then I wash myself with a bar of soap.
What do you use to wash your lovely bodies with?

Any recommendations?


Unknown said...

I've been dry brushing lately and find that my skin is super smooth and glows like crazy. Dry brushing also benefits the health so it's an extra plus. I also made my own homemdae body butter with shea and coconut oil and it's simply amazing. Just in time for summer.

Leslie said...

LOL!! OMG soo do i! i was thinking today when i got out "wow leslie you scrub to hard" lol so true though i use a daily exofliator from dove with a loofah and then a bar soap from dove with a lil loofah! lol but i try to moisturize alot when i get out! i love olay and vaseline lotions ps im getting alot of red/purple stretch marks between my legs! in my thighs do you know of any good lotions for that cus its about to be summer and i want to jus be in shorts! lol