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12:31 AM

Lotion, Lotion, Lotion! I LOVE lotion. I am a PROUD LOYAL fan of Jergen's "Original Scent" lotion. Its the ONLY lotion that is food to my skin and smells WONDERFUL to me

I also use Eucerine when my hands are dry, especially my cuticles. Eucerine is a tad bit pricey, but if I could buy Eurcine and afford it on the regular, I would. It feels like heaven once it's on your skin.

What lotion(s) do you use?


JStar said...

I soooo agree...I LOVE Jergens! But lately I been using the smell goods from Vickies...

Pretty J said...

Jergens smells good but Vaseline Intensive Care is better, check it out.

Stephie J said...

I looove Glysomed! I also use Body Shop body butter

Dhalia Edwards said...

I have sensitive I stick to fragrance free products. I love Aveeno.

I use Eucerine on my kids for dry skin.

Thank you for visting my site. :-)