Betty Dain Creations: The Socialite Collection Shower Cap

12:29 AM

I bought this at Sally's for $8...If you are like me and don't wash their hair every day, getting a shower cap that actually guards your hair from water can be tedious!For about two years I had a REALLY good one my grandmother gave me, but up until recently, I hadn't found one I liked. Until I saw this. It works amazing! No water seepage...again, I have curly hair and I cannot wash it every day so a Shower cap is a must. 

This has to be one of the best shower caps I have tried.

5 out of 5 stars!


Unknown said...

Great idea...Never thought about getting me one of those. I never wash my hair everyday so this is the perfect cap for me.


Unknown said...

I seriously need a shower cap. LOL I've been using one that you get in your hotel bathroom. hahaha

Debbie Baker Burns said...

Good idea. I usually just stick mine in a ponytail and take a bath instead of a shower but I like this idea. Debbie

Nekiah Torres said...

Girl I am so glad that I came to your blog today! My sister and I were in Sally's last month and we saw these but we were like yeah they cute but do they work!! We didn't want to spend the $8 so we got the cheapy ones. I will now be going back to get the cute one!! I wash my hair once a week. Some people think that's gross...girl please...are they gone come over and flat iron this mess daily? NOPE!! So shut it up!! lol Kiah

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