12:33 AM

So I went bargain window shopping yesterday. And as I was looking throughout the purses at Marshall's I said to my mom, "I wonder if they have the Kathy Van Zeeland purse that's like an arm and a leg?" I walked over to the white purses and there it was. One left! I grabbed. I couldn't afford to say no any longer. I have been passing this purse up because of money issues for a good 3 months now. 

So here it is My NEW fabulous Kathy Van Zeeland!

The first two pictures are just what the outside of the bag looks like.
A- I paid $49.99 plus tax compared to the $99.99 it goes for online and $88 it goes for at department stores. SCORE!

B,C, & D- Are just pictures of the inside. It has 3 zippers, and its HUGE! Enough to fit my books in! Maybe my whole life!


safire said...

What a bargain! Congratulations :)

Stephie J said...

I LOVE IT! I bought my first Kathy purse at Marshalls too:) Now I have a few (cause I worked at a store that sold them.. 40% off yEAH!) heheh I loooooooooooove this one.. Ive never seen one that big look so pretty:D

Sasha said...

That's a cute purse! Love that lace detail. Everytime I go to any Ross/Marshall's/TJMaxx I NEVER find good purses :( The stores here in LB get ransacked!