Visualize This...but when?

12:13 AM

13 pounds down...and I DO NOT SEE IT AT ALL.Do I feel it? Yes...well, not ALL the time. Sometimes. Sometimes I look at myself and see thin. And those days I feel great, but yesterday I was looking at myself in the mirror and my stomach looked REALLY round...almost unattractive. I totally didn't see the minus 13 pounds.

So when will I feel it ALL the time and start seeing it?


safire said...

I don't think we ever see thin all the time. I still have days I don't see it even being 60 lbs down but other days I feel super confident and put together.

Congratulations on the 13 lbs down!

Stephie J said...

Thats major!! did you take a picture when you first started losing weight?? I started to notice at about 17-20 ish

Style Chic 360 said...

Great Job on the weightloss!!!