Blogger Headers $10!

9:04 PM

Hello fellow Bloggers! So do you like my new header? 
My friend Melissa does em for $10 and they make a HUGE difference to your blog!
She will make you a customized header just for $10!
Isn't her work just amazing!

For your personal header Contact Melissa at:


Savannah said...

It looks great!


thisladybehaves said...

LOVELY!!!! i want them!!

Honeylushy said...

yeah....I definitely could use a banner.... my blog looks so noob right now haha.

Nekiah Torres said...

OH MY WORD...I just noticed your header. You know how you know something is different but you can't quite put your finger on it...well that is what I did. It looks wonderful! Your friend is very good. I may slap a $10 her way to hook this sista up too! Thanks for her info! Kiah