Taste This! : Pizza-fied Chicken Weight Watcher Style

12:27 AM

The other day on the Cooking Channel there was a Hungry Girl episode called, "You wanna Pizza Me!" For the crust of the pizza she uses CHICKEN! Yep, Chicken. You can find her recipe HERE.
Hungry girl also provides Low-calorie recipes. Her recipe for this recipe is low-calorie. However, I couldnt follow her recipe down to the tee and I decided I was gonna switch mine up Weight Watchers style. I used:

- 6 ounces of Chicken= 6 pts
- 1/2 cup of Marinara sauce = 1 pt
- 1/4 of Cheese= 2 pts
-5 pepperoni's= 2
- Veggies and olives= 1 pts


1. You first FLATTEN your chicken (You can do this with a roller or a meat pounder) Also, Don't forget to season your chicken! Flavor is a MUST!

2. Cook your chicken (I used a skillet)
3. Warm up the sauce
4. Place the sauce on top of the chicken along with all your veggies (If not on WW, you can top it just like you would a pizza)
5. Place it in the microwave for a few minutes (I did it until the cheese is melted)
Now for me, My pizza came out to 12 Points.


safire said...

My boyfriend's favorite food is pizza :)

This looks yummy. I love flattening meats! It's such a great way to release pent up frustration.

JStar said...

Looks delicous!

Savannah said...

Mmmm, it looks yummy! (:


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

um, this sounds delish!

Dhalia Edwards said...

This looks so yummy...I'm hungry now.


Nekiah Torres said...

Girl this looks the bomb.com!! I want something to eat now. Wait!! I just ate didn't I!! lol Kiah

Nekiah Torres said...

By the way...you are doing so great with this program!! Kiah

Unknown said...

Steph, this looks so delicious. Chicken and pizza are two of my favorite things, but I really never thought about combining them. Thanks for posting the recipe chica. =>

Unknown said...

It looks soooo delicious chica!!! hhhhmmm.. suddenly starving! :)

<3 Marina

Anonymous said...

Omg..I'm so glad i found your blog!! I, too is on a mission to loose weight! I'm a follower now!!