REVIEW: Karmanig Bakery Pita Bread (1 POINT IN WEIGHT WATCHERS)

12:00 AM

I LOVE Pita breads. You can do SOOO much with pita bread and it can be a healthy alternative! While at Costco, my mom and I saw these company. The pita smelled so good. They had all different kinds of pita bread or shall I say Focaccia: (The ones I tried are in bold)

- Regular : TRIED WONDERFUL! Only ONE point in WW point plus!

- Jalapeño & Cheese Focaccia

- Rustic Olive Focaccia- Awesome !!

- Garlic & Cheese Focaccia- MY FAVORITE!!! 6 points for the whole pita. I could eat these FOREVER!

-Za'atar Focaccia with Oregano and Olive Oil

-Spinach 'N Cheese Focaccia-Amazing! 6 points for the whole pita!

- Spicy Spinach Focaccia

-Tomato & Mushroom Focaccia: TRIED...Taste like REAL pizza sauce on pizza bread

-Whole Wheat Tomato & Mushroom Focaccia

We got THREE bags of ANY kind for $12....On the site it is $8 (so worth it though) If you can get to a Costco, I would grab these (Try the samples before buying!) and pick em up there! However, you can also order them online here (Click):  Karmanig Bakery

One regular pita is ONE point. So low in calories and points! 

Great bread alternative !


Sara said...

nowww you're speaking my language :) lol

Nekiah Torres said...

YUM! What do you eat it with or put on it? Kiah

Moya2bean said...

All this pita talk makes me want one! I love pitas as well. Its healthy which is a good thing. I love finding thing I love to chow on and its actually good for me...can't beat that!
Great post chica! :)

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

Kiah baby!

The ones that already have stuff on it, I leave alone. Plain pita bread you can dress it up however your heart desires. I make mini pizzas, I stuff em with egg and ham for breakfast. I stuff em with steak/chicken to make a pita taco....All up to you what you wanna add to your pita...I also like eating it alone as a snack :)

Marta said...

I love pita bread too!
I even make healthy pizzas with it.

Nekiah Torres said...

Girl you got my mouth watering! An egg and ham one for breakfast sounds divine! Can you Fedex me one overnight! haha Kiah

Savannah said...

You're making me so hungry!!! I love pita bread and you can put so many things in them!


Vanessa said...

Good tip! I love pita but I never find any that's suitably chewy!

Thinking Girl said...

oh pita bread, how I love you :)

Dhalia Edwards said...

Try the 17 Day diet SteF...It works. Got a few emails regarding my weight in my last post....that was part of the reason ...17 Day Diet. No carbs no sugar. :-)