Eye Surgery :(

9:19 AM

Ive always had this cyst in my lower eyelid, well during this Animal Instinct Shoot, I rubbed my eye and popped it. It got badly infected.

Green puss, swollen, itching, burning...I pretty much couldn't see. I went to LAC+USC Medical Center because I don't have insurance and they immediately took. Most of the time you have to wait 14 hours to be seen.

The optomology department had to cut the inside of my lower eyelid in order to drain all the puss. I saw needles and a knife! 

My eye was squirting out puss...So Ima skip today's post and have you check out my NEW CITY CHIC LOOK BOOK!

Its yesterdays post...if you haven't checked it out (HERE) Please do so!! Show it some love! 

Love you all!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be better and come back with Saturdays with Stef!


Sara said...

Sorry to hear about your eye =(
Your lookbook looks fabulous btw, your hair is so gorgeous <3

feel better!

Nekiah Torres said...

OH MY WORD Stef!! So glad you went to the doctor!! That could have gotten a lot worse! You poor thing! I bet your eye is so tender and sore. Kiah

Marta said...

OMG, that's serious stuff.
Take it easy and rest. Get better!

Savannah said...

I'm so sorry girl! I hope it gets better! Eye problems are the scariest.
You look fab in that picture! (:


Huda said...

I'm sorry to hear about that, sweetie. How scary! I definitely would have been freaking out :( Hopefully, you'll get better, and the problem goes away.

You do look stunning as always, though! I hope to see your post tomorrow :)