MADISON PLUS: A 1-stop shop for curvy fashion!

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Ladies! Ever have a hard time shopping online? I do! Let’s face it, I’m not a size two and it seems like most fashion caters to sizes 11 and under. HELLO! Women all around the world aren’t under a size 11! Actually the average woman in the U.S wears a size 14! Well, heres a one stop shop for all our fashion needs.! Madison Plus will serve as the platform for trend features and editorial picks, lifestyle finds, celebrity interviews and designer highlights.

The Owner Aimee Cheshire as stated in their press release, “brings a whole new concept to the internet and the plus size world with high fashion at their
fingertips. Madison Plus has created an online arena for plus girls that want to be on the brink of fashion and rock the latest runway looks but can never find anything in her size.”

This was great! It gave me a list of websites that offered fashion!

The website also offers a blog called “The Dish” which features everything from fashion from over 100 designers to beauty all the way to trends for us curvier women.  I loved this site personally. It really made me want to re-do some of my wardrobe adding to it!

I spent nearly an hour just reading and reading about the latest trends. I know many of us curvier women have this need to want to be normal. Lets face it…NO ONE IS NORMAL! In fact, skinnier women tend to have the same fashion issues and body issues as us curvier women.However, they have more fashion options, or I think so...Thank God for

Be sure to stop by and check it out!

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Big Mark 243 said...

If I wore plus sizes, I would know where to look..! (j/k) Take care, Stef..!