Nails of the week!

12:07 AM

NOTE: My nails came out HORRIBLE! However, I needed them painted for thee birthday. WHICH PICTURES WILL BE UP TOMORROW! 

Excuse my HORRIBLE nail paint job which my 5 year old niece could have done a better job!

These nail polishes also have NO brand name on them:

Base: Silver color
Top for french tip is black

Sorry...I didnt have the french nail stickers :( Shows me next time to have those on supply!
Thank you to EVERYONE of you who sent me a birthday wish!

Love you all!


Marta said...

The colors together look really nice. I would have a hard time doing that style since my hands shake over anything, specially the left one.

Savannah said...

I suck at doing free hand tips on my nails, that's why I almost never even try! I like the color combination. I can't wait to see birthday pics!


Nekiah Torres said...

OMG I just did my daughter's nails like this last night! This is eerie!! haha The only difference is the colors. I used teal and hot pink!! I love the silver and black! Kiah

Traci Marie Wolf said...

very nice.