Review: Dr.Scholl's for her Fast Flats

12:04 AM

Price: $12.99

Where: Walgreens

As you all know the other day I went to a club for my birthday and work some GREAT shoes that I will post this week. MY FEET HURT! I knew this was gonna happen. So earlier in the day I went to Walgreens to try these out. LOVED THEM. When my poor feet couldnt take the pain anymore, I switched to these. These came in handy and I am so happy I bought them!

COMFORT: 5 out of 5 stars...SOOOOOO comfy

COST: 3 out of 5...They could be a tad bit cheaper for my taste, maybe around $10

EASY TO CARRY AROUND: YES! So small they fit in my small clutch!

I recommend these to ALL women who wear heels. These are comfy, cute and compact! 



Wait Until The Sunset said...

ooooh great review stef! I'd been lookign at these for a while and deciding if I needed some- clearly I do ;)

JStar said...

I was JUST looking at these deciding to buy or not...I am the one who wears heels everyday to work and always have an extra bag for my flats...These look easier to carry and comfy :)

Carmen Vogue said...

Great review! I am surprised I still haven't purchased these yet. I live in heels, and after a couple of hours I am ready to get of them as quickly as possible. I guess I will take this a sign to purchase.



Style Chic 360 said...

Ok so I have to try these! great review!

B said...

Great minds think alike! I reviewed these too.

Sara said...

I have those! :) They are a lifee saver XD I'm planning to include them in a future post about must have emergency items. And the clutch is so cute.

Adriana said...

I have been wanting to buy a pair! I agree, they are a little pricey :/ but since they're comfortable and easy to carry around it's worth it.

Marta said...

I can't wear flats, they're no my style. I love heels! I've been taking a brake from heels, but soon I'll be wearing them.

Savannah said...

I'm definitely picking these up soon. I always wear heels (because I'm so darn short) but sometimes they do hurt!


Traci Marie Wolf said...

Very nice.

Unknown said...

I love them too girl...can't get enough of them since all my shoes are over 4"...YIKES!!!

Great review!

<3 Marina

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

HI Stef, belated happy birthday!!!!! I've seen an ad for these and wondered what they were like. Great review!!! Hope your birthday week is still full of fun!

Moya2bean said...

Great review girl! Thoose little flats do look comfy. I need some myself, so I might pick some up just from your review! Love it. Happy belated by the way, u looked amazing! :)

Vanessa said...

Hmmm... good to know! I've seen commercials for them and always wondered what about them made these more comfortable or more easy to tote around than a pair of regular flats? I think the fact that they can fold up like that is the key!