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Hello my lovely readers! To the right hand side of the screen you may have noticed two advertisers! One is Patty who does passion parties for all us girlies looking into a bachelorette party and the second comes from Reyna, who if you are in the L.A area can fix your glass on your car! Great prices from these ladies by the way! 

I am offering ad space!

For 3 month for $50 you get a 125x125 ad
for 100 you can get a bigger ad for 6 months!

I know many of you sell various things. 

So why advertise on MY website?

For starters, on an average day I have about 700 page views, 600 of them or so being UNIQUE readers. Mainly in the U.S and Australia, however is tuned into 94 countries!

Even if you wanna promote your website, the ad space is there to do it!

If you are interested or know anyone else who you may think may be interested, email me:

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Rachel said...

The $100 would be a better deal if it was more than 4 months, cause $50= 3 months, then people could just buy another add for $50 and have six months.