My EVERY DAY make-up look....

12:04 AM

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Mousse

Eyeshadow: Maybeline White Frost

Eyeliner: Maybeline eye studio

Mascara: Maybeline Falsies

Lip Liner: NYX Natural

Lip Stick: Loreal Fairest Nude.
Blush: Wet N' Wild Bronze 
SAME as lost Face Of The Day! Which is just a repeat but this made me think, "Gee Stef! You have an almost "EVERYDAY" make -up" I sometimes dont have time to do my eyeshadow.

Do you have an EVERY-DAY make-up look?


JStar said...

Very classy and natural!

Nekiah Torres said...

Beautiful! Your hair is so shiny and healthy! What is your secret? Kiah

Marta said...

It looks very natural, I like it!

MaggleBish said...

Man, you are really beautiful! Yes, I have an everyday makeup look - foundation, invisible set powder, bronzer, blush, mascara, brow powder & highlighter. I'll have to try Maybelline Dream Mousse, how's the coverage? Currently, I'm using CG & Olay Ageless.

Theresa said...

You always have the perfect pics I love the way you do your makeup so natural and beautiful! and look at that GLOW that is pure perfection amazing love keep it up <3 <3 u!!!

bananas. said...

i's called boring and quick. lol.

your everyday look kicks my everyday look's ass!

Wait Until The Sunset said...

hot stuff lovely lady! I wear a bronzer andsome lip gloss for my everyday look. I'm hooked on bronzer lol ;)

Full Figured Diva said...

You are absolutely beautiful MsLayD! Love the natural look! Stunning!!