VLOG: Random thoughts....What are YOUR random thoughts!?!?

12:26 AM


Wait Until The Sunset said...

lol Stef you crack me up! I'm so happy you felt beautiful today- THAT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE!!! :)


Theresa said...

1st of Thank You Love for the shout out!!!! Im going to put this on my blog <3 2nd You and "dude" are totally cute and you so used the elemental signs to compare both of you yay!!!!!!! I think you Have some big balls you just need to pull them out from where they are hiding and let them drop! SWANG EM LOW!!!! olololol. Confidence is what makes you sexy and beautiful and Iknow for a fact that why your crush is into you! You have a spark that radiates Look at me I am Me and im not afraid to show it! SO whats On MY mind?!! how excited i am to feel like a princess tomorrow at the airforce ball,. found out that my insurance covers tummy tucks HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO lol i know u hate that!!!!!!! #just sayin!!! Oh how i wish i could be ur neighbor again we missed out on so many years and i think we would of been closer. but never fear we are getting there!!!! and u know that day when u start ur own family im gonna be there to shower u with gifts. that day u and ur crush start going out more Ill be there to listen to you be happy and vent about it!!!! and finally how i need a nap! <3

Marta said...

I enjoyed your video w/ your random thoughts, it was fun. Don't wait and ask that guy you like to go on a casual date. I see a lot of people asking for money and sometimes I give them something, but I'm always wondering what's their life story.

Style Chic 360 said...

I love your vids, and how u sing and dance at the top of them. :) cute!

I always thinking of random things too here's a few:
will I have kids