VLOG: A 12 minute rant on ALL KINDS OF MEN!

12:08 AM


Theresa said...

good morning love!
I think you did a great job letting those who look at your site know where they stand with you, you were very cute and i know this was hard for you to break down and come out with it.
Hang in there dating world sucks. all you can do is weed out the ones who arent potential keepers and go from there. like i said last night everything i said will happen and u will know it! <3 u

Unknown said...

I feel for you they all sound like weirdos just be very selctive which I assume you are and they will know hey not just anyone can ask this girl out. She is HIGH CALIBER! Make them feel like they are privliged to talk or be around you men like to be treated like crap they secretly like the abuse lol.

Marta said...

Very entertaining video!
Great job listing the various types, God save us!

Big Mark 243 said...

I really didn’t ‘get’ this vlog… some of the traits that you were being critical of are some of the qualities that are part of the appeal that women see in men. For instance, being cocky has nothing to do with bodily functions!

There are a lot of reasons a cat can have for being cocky… for instance, I am an Air Assault soldier, professional boxer, and I have traveled the length and breadth of the country. Maybe what you mistake for cockiness really is confidence and that would lead me to comment on your diss of the ‘emo cat’.

Some women complain that a man is not able to communicate their feelings and hide their emotions from their partners. I don’t think that a man who is able to share their feelings should be painted with a negative broad brush because they can express how they feel.
Being willing to send nudes AT ALL, to a boyfriend or not, is kind of sketchy at best. I have NEVER asked for nor SENT nudes. I don’t get the whole picture thing… but while other of your critiques made sense, there were others that contradicted one another. If I was a ‘Mr. Shy’, I would have been sick and nauseated; you spun things around so much!
Sometimes, I think that women aren’t sure about what they want and that is why your rant made less and less sense. It is hard to make a critique about what you don’t like in men when you aren’t really sure if you know what you do like!

This could have very easily been a ‘What’s up with women’ video… and the more I put up with women, the more I like my PS 3!!

DJ BERN said...

I think there's a fine line between being cocky and being confident. If you don't want shy but you dont want cocky, then where is the line drawn for you?

Also shoutout to you for the JWORK shirt!

Furthermore, I think chivalry is dead because of the women that take advantage of a nice guy for a free meal. There are lots (but not all) women that will go on a date with a guy, with no intentions on being in a relationship with him, just to get a free meal. If thats the case be upfront about it, pay for your own food, and we can still have a good time and treat each other with respect.

Ive wasted a good amount of time on dates that werent going anywhere trying to be a gentleman. I'd rather sit in the house and play PS3! LOL

Finally, thanks for clarifying the "sex website" comment. All men look at porn, but I am definitely not on there soliciting sex. haha

Hold tight. Patience is the key. A good man is around the corner! When you find him see if he has a sister thats single lol