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Sex, let’s be honest, some of us have it and some of us don’t! For those of us women who are sexually active, not only is there the risk of STD’S , but pregnancy aswell. Even though certain methods of birth controls do prevent STDS, All of them are created to prevent pregnancy. is a great website that you can register with FOR FREE, to get all your birth control options and questions answered. I know when I first wanted to go on birth control, I was scared to ask in depth questions about which birth control would be right for me and how effective is each method. answers all these personal questions you may have in regards to birth control in the privacy of your very own home.  Men, you can get in on this too just for your own knowledge on a woman’s options and/or yours.

Once you log on to, you will first notice the wonderful and fun layout that introduces you the website. On the top you will see, five tool-bars:

So what can you find in each Category. Well, I will break it down for you.

-         Birth Control Method:  Exactly what its say, Birth control methods with really great pictures of all the different types of birth control that are offered. This gives an in-depth look into the form of birth control that you are interested by giving you the effectiveness, how much effort does the birth control take, the side affects, and how the birth control is used.  Also under this category, you find a mini-toolbar for the birth controls that are divided into: most effective, party-ready, STI protection, easy to hide and do me now. This mini-toolbar is amazing and a MUST check out! 

-         Where to Get It:  All you have to do is type in your zip code and it gives you a list of locations that provide birth control, over the counter birth control and where to get the emergency contraception pill. 

-         Reminders: This provides a useful tool for any appointments and when to take your birth control.

-         Features: This feature is brilliant. It offers real life testimonies in regards to women and men who have actively chosen a form of birth control. Yes, you heard right, men too! It also offers features on birth controls and the latest news on birth control. This is a must see!

-         Questions: Any questions you have in regards to birth control can literally be found here! I actually found some useful questions like “Which pill is the best to take?”

I know many of you have daughters too who are in the, “Birds and the bees talk” phase. This website is a wonderful site to not only provide accurate information but give them the cold hard facts on each type of birth control.

Take a look at, even if you already are on a form of birth control, don’t find birth control necessary, this website really gives you freedom in seeing the different types of birth control offered and what type of birth control is best for you.

Here on Down there and remember, always protect yourself!


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B said...

So so important! Thank for sharing, Steffie! Birth control is ridiculously important! I'm a FAM method user myself. It's a pretty old method but I've always been afraid to BC pills.

Melissa said...

I soon have to start weighing in my options and it's funny you posted this. I got a place to start.

Thanks lol

Unknown said...

This is such a serious and much needed subject specially for those that are not very well informed. Thank you so much for sharing this info with us gorgeous.
Stay beautiful.

<3 Marina

Megha Sarin said...

Great! It is very informative <3


Megha Sarin said...

Great! It is very informative <3


rachel said...

Great post ;)

Bren @ B So Chic!™ said...

great stuff! I love the way you broke it down!! A great site for sure.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for your good information and i hope to subscribe and visit my blog STD Symptoms and more Viral Hepatitis thanks again admin