REVIEW: Lush Grease Lightning Cleanser

12:01 AM

The lady told me this will clean out my pores and prevent future breakouts...In fact that is what it's suppose to do. Ive used this every night for 5 days. 

And each day this is the outcome of me doing it:

Very little dirt, I think that's because I do wash my face before. However I will tell you this my face does feel a tad bit cleaner at the end of the use and I have had NO break-outs. Which is good because I am PMS'ing this week and I usually break out during this week and while my "Aunt Flow" is visiting (TMI?) But it does prevent breakouts! No breakouts here!



PRICE: 12.95 (a tad pricey but worth it)


LaaLaa said...

I love LUSH products. I have to have at least one in my bathroom routine x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation I will definitely have to look into that. and to reference to your last post. You ARE beautiful!

Thank you so much for the follow and of course I am following you back. Don't be a stranger and stay FABulous :D

Audrey Leighton said...

ooh looks like something in need to try!


Unknown said...

Great review girly and will definitely give a try now.

<3 Marina

Unknown said...

Sounds great.. Im a new follower.. x

Debz Salazar said...

I was scared for a minute because i use "Greased Lightning" house cleaner lol. I think i will give the facial version a try...very interesting. Thanks for the post :-)