Nails of the week: OPI Nicki Minaj "Save Me"

12:07 AM

This week I am trying out Nicki Minaj's "Save me" from her OPII LINE! I had seen some wear it alone, but I got a NEW nail polish from my friend Mari, that I just HAD TO pair the two up. However MAINLY focusing on the OPI "Save me".

Base: Wet N' Wild "Buffy the violet slayer"
(Which by the way is an amazing color alone!)

Top: OPI Nicki Minaj  "Save me"

I want to show you this nail polish UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL:

I really did fall in love with her OPI line and this glitter. As you can see it has shreds of glitter, which in the Muppets Collection was dots of glitter. It also has a rainbow effect to it, which totally made my nails POP!

Have you tried any of her line yet?

What color are you nails this week?


Anonymous said...

love purple

LaaLaa said...

Such a lovely colour :)

My nails are bare, in rehab :(

safire said...

I have red nail polish on right now from Essie. Love Essie and Opie products.

The color combo on your nails look fab! I'm actually looking to buy a nail polish plastic shelf to nail to my wall like the ones in the salons. I saw one on Amazon and my dream is to fill it up with gorgeous shades :)

Have a wonderful SUNDAY!

Marta said...

I love that blue! I don't like Wet & Wild because they leave my nails stained, so a no no for me, but Sally H is okay. My nails are hot magenta today, lol.

Nekiah Torres said...

Love those nails girl! Such a pretty shade of blue! Kiah

Unknown said...

I love glitter nail polish, but it's so hard for me to take off! LOL But this is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Kay-Ute! Gonna definitely give this a try! My nail color this week is from the Wyndham Collection from Nails Inc. London

t said...

Nice nails!

Bronzed Humanity said...

Cuteee! Love the violet color and the glitter is just right!

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Unknown said...

Her collection is awesome!!! and that purple is so pretty .

<3 Marina