Review: eShakti Atlantis found dress

12:05 AM

(Photographer: My mom)

I had the pleasure of working with eShakti and they gave me the honor of reviewing one item off their site. I chose the Atlantic found dress. I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to this. It really made me think of Jennifer Lopez in "El Cantante" and gave me a sassy-sexy feeling when I saw it.

The dress is 100% made out of Viscose and is VERY light. It slips on over your head, has the most sexiest V-neckline, and has a removable braided belt.

This dress was so comfortable, flowy and light to wear. It made me feel sexy, beautiful and chic.

I became a HUGE fan of eShakti and I plan on ordering from them in the future! I have my eye on a few pieces I am eyeing.


5 out of 5 stars!

eShakti is an amazing brand and their dresses are just so gorgeous and AFFORDABLE! Yes, I had to add that in there, VERY affordable if you are on a budget and looking for something beautiful and chic!

You can visit eShakti HERE

Or simply log onto


TheFitRN said...

Love that dress! You look awesome girl.. have you ever looked into modeling? You would be awesome to rep the curvy Latina

Anonymous said...

lovely dress on you, great choice

Savannah said...

LOVE that dress! You look really pretty!


Marta said...

You look gorgeous, the whole look is just right! So elegant! When I saw the pics I thought who's this model? Great dress, necklace, bag and shoes! Perhaps you should look into doing some modeling, why not?

Melissa said...

You look beautiful hon!!! I love the dress it is very JLO...The nude shoes look fab as well...I'd wear this to like a baptism or something formal but casual.


Anonymous said...

Love that blue on the dress and it looks fantastic on you ;)

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

very pretty and i love the color on you!


safire said...

That dress is SO pretty on you! I love that color and the way you accessorized it.

Unknown said...

You look stunning on this dress doll so (JLO) indeed. The color and fabric look absolutely gorgeous.

<3 Marina

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress on a beautiful lady. Blue is your color.

Stephanie said...


Unknown said...

Nice color it looks good on you.

Leah said...

Beautiful dress, beautiful lady! Perfect combo. Wish we lived in the same state, I'd LOVE to photograph you!!

bananas. said...

i love these shots of you. you look STUNNING!!!

i wish i could do my hair like that but bangs on naners is just scary.

ps. naners is short for bananas which is short for me.

Wait Until The Sunset said...

gorgeous dress babe! :)

Nekiah Torres said...

GIRL YOU BETTA SHUT YO MOUTH!!! lol This dress is insanely sexy on you momma! WOWZERS! Stef you are so freakin beautiful chica! The color of this dress is stunning on you and paired with the nude shoes is perfection! Love that Dooney bag too! btw- where did you find the little disclaimer at the bottom of this post? I need one! I have to say THANK YOU for being one of my most faithful followers! You are just such a blessing to me with all of your comments! besitos, Kiah

Karina Dinda R. said...

Such a great post dear ^^ Love it! Mind to follow each other? :)

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Karina Dinda R. ♥

sadee said...

wowww very pretty color of dress
Love if you follow me back
♥ SadeeStyle ♥

Duygu Senyurek said...

Hi baby i find your blog now and i love your dress and shoes very nice
İ will join your blog
Pls join my blog too:) kisses

Nikol said...

I want to order from them too! Their stuff is so incredibly beautiful and classic.

You're stunning.

Fragancia said...

you look so classy and beautiful <3 :) love the color on you

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous
but i wouldnt order from them again
My items finally arrived today after ordering them on march 30th they came april 24th. The guarantee on their website about shipping time is bullshit.

So my order finally comes im in canada and I had to pay the UPS guy 160$ in brokerage and custom fees.

When my items came I received 2 of the same dresses and one of my dresses was missing.

I ended up returning 5 dresses and keeping 3 and it costs me 21$ to mail the dresses back to WA.

I will never order from this company again.
The dresses fit well because I custom ordered it but they weren’t amazing fabrics or dresses.

I am very disapointed in this company.