Review: Leading Lady Scallop Lace Underwire Bra

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I was really excited when Leading Lady asked me to review a bra for them. As a woman who has a HARD time finding a COMFORTABLE bra to hold my "ladies" up without hurting my shoulders, sides, or back, it's difficult. 

I wore this bra for a a good 12 hours to give it a fair shot. When I first put the bra on, I really noticed just how comfortable it was. However, all us women know, bras usually start off comfortable and by the end of the day, HURT!

Not in this case. I literally almost forget the bra was even on. Which is very surprising to me because not only did it SUPPORT my babies, but my back, side, and underneath my breasts did not hurt (we all know wire can hurt sometimes, not in this case). I was really impressed with the quality of this bra too and MOST OF ALL the performance of the bra. Let me break down for you WHY!


I hate THICK and BIG bra straps. I know when having larger breasts, most women fear that. But Leading Lady does a PERFECT job, with the straps and having the not too small and not too big. Just enough to give you that support. Also, notice how it is padded. This was so comfortable and did not put ANY strain on my shoulders. HUGE PLUS!


Most bras I own do not come with a gripping inside that makes sure it stays in place. Leading Lady's bras do. I loved this for two reasons. The bra kept to my skin so it did not bend outwards or cringe up if I moved. Also in the bottom picture, you can see the pad inside the bra that made you breasts feel so comfy.


I know FOR ME, One or two hooks in the back does not cut it. I need 3 or more to make sure I am at ease with my comfort level in a bra. The hooks, are actually padded to so it does NOT hurt your back.


I really loved this bra. Not only was it pretty, but THE BIGGEST thing I loved was the comfort and support of the bra. I explored Leading Lady's website and saw two things that caught my eye. 

One: They actually give you a PERFECT FIT calculator to figure out your TRUE bra size. Most of us women are wearing the wrong bra. I just loved this and actually sent the link to a few women. You can find the "Find your fit" Calculator HERE

Second: I totally saw they have a sleep bra! I have NEVER tried a sleep bra and was looking for one, but I also saw they have a variety of bras, from Maternity to Sports. The sleep bra though caught my eye.

I had NO discomfort or spillage with this bra....and if I had to rate it it would get:

5 out of 5 stars!
You can visit Leading Lady at


Dawniepants said...

Great review ive never actually tried them, I'm such an odd fit as I like a little padding just for an extra oomph but in a DD or E tough to find lol! Will have to keep an eye open for them!


Melissa said...

I’m always trying to find the right bra. God I hate having big boobs.


Anonymous said...

nice! its hard for me to find good bras thats are pretty, i order all mine online ;-)

B said...

How pretty and lacey! I'll have to check this brand out. I so need a new sports bra. Mine are just....done.

Nekiah Torres said...

The straps looks so soft and smooth. I will have to check them out. Great review! Kiah

Marta said...

Nice! If they look good, are comfy and keep them up, then that's the right bra!

Huda said...

I'm SO glad this bra worked out for you! Very nice review :) Personally, I can't wear anything besides Victoria's Secret Biofit bras. Now THOSE are THE most comfortable bras EVER...well, at least for me ;) lol

Style4Curves said...

Great Review!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

not exactly a problem for me but thanks for the review ;)


Unknown said...

Great review girly. I'm always looking for a good support bra and I'm definitely buying one of this for sure now.

<3 Marina

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Great review Stef. It's brutal to find a good bra that is comfortable, supportive but still sexy!!! This one looks like a keeper. Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

This takes me all the way back to my days as a bra specialist for Victoria's Secret. Great post! Thanks for sharing!!

Stay FABulous,

Teresa Garza said...

Great review.

Carolyn G said...

I might have to go try one of these bras. I am forever and a day trying to find a good bra that will support the girls. It is so hard but this one sounds pretty good.

Unknown said...

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Cathy Anderson said...

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