Review: Yokie Sandals

12:08 AM

My mom got me these as a gift. I am a HUGE sandal-a-holic. These were just so beautiful! My mommy knows me all too well!

Excuse my feet and don't make fun of my kankles, lol!

Here is the flower up-close and personal

WHERE: Burlington Coat Factory

PRICE: $12.99

Thanks mommy!!


Jana ★ said...

Great sandals!!!
xoxo ^^

safire said...

Super cute sandals!

I need to get more sandals and comfortable shoes. I have too many heels much to my bfs grief haha

Anonymous said...

so cute

Nikol said...

I have a pair of Yoki sandals and they are super comfy!

I love sandal season!

Marta said...

They are beautiful :)

Unknown said...

OMG...those are so pretty!!!

<3 Marina

B said...

Grrrr, I see people's links to their blogs in your comments. Biggest pet peeve ever a total blogger no no. *side eye*

What was this post about again? Oh yeah...cute shoes!! How lucky are we that we can still wear sandals in January? Woot!

Unknown said...

cute sandals! i love the colour on your toe nails ;)

Anonymous said...

Awe! That is a great gift at a great price!!

Got a celebrity jewelry designer giveaway for ya. Be sure to enter!

Fragancia said...

These are so cute <3