REVIEW: Wet n Wild ColorIcon Petal Pusher & I Dream of Greenie

12:00 AM

I actually won these from Ashley! Thank you Ash! I just love them! I had been eying these actually, and aren't they beautiful colors? So lets Swatch!





Savannah said...

I really want to buy Petal Pusher!

safire said...

I love the colors!

B said...

Petal Pusher is epic. How do I not have this one? I loooove WnW palettes. They are durable AND cheap. Woot!

Marta said...

The petal pusher looks awesome!

Miss Behind These Blue Eyes said...

I love wet n wild eyeshadows! Serious bang for your buck :) x

Nikosmommy said...

love love love the WnW colour icon palettes...the quality can NOT be beat.... :)

Cheriz Angel said...

That is so tempting to go and buy that purple pallet, but I have soooo many purple eyeshadow that I know I shouldn't.

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