NAILS OF THE WEEK: China Glaze Magnetix

12:00 AM

I saw this at a local nail place I shop at and HAD to try it!

The polish and magnet is sold SEPREATELY! 

I got mine for $4 for the polish and $4 for the magnet. 
I saw on other blogs they bought theirs for $10 each. If you are buying the magnet and polish separately at $10 a pop EACH, You are being ripped off. 

 I also got my polish in the color "Cling on" (I didnt want to buy another color just in case this failed.)

The magnet comes in THREE designs. I swatched one because the other two were a no-go! Hmph!
Not too pleased with the magnet to be honest. Impressive idea, just wish the other two designs worked as well as the one. Then again, I may need to fiddle with it more (I dunno).

Here's what my nails look like this week:

 I actually love my nails this week....I need to work on the other magnet designs but Im feeling this design. 

Have you tried this?


safire said...

Your nails look amazing! I love it! I've never seen this before so now I'm going to go hunt for these when i get back state side :)

Dana said...

Hi fellow Angeleno! Love the magnetic nail look... I've tried it but didn't love all the work!
Just found your blog! Want to follow each other?
Come visit me, follow, and leave me a note. I'll follow you right back.
Thank you.



Amarachi said...

Your nails look great! Hmmm I may need to try this out! :)

Unknown said...

Looks really good and the design is very noticeable. I need to fig what color to pick for my nails this week.

Unknown said...

Stef, I have been wanting to try these. If you give the magnet another go please let us know if you can get the other two designs to work. xo

Fragancia said...

I want these nails !!!!!

Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...

OMG I have been wanting to try this!!!
Looks so cool!

I love your reviews!

DJ BERN said...

that color is dope