Dear Grandpa.....

12:00 AM

It's been a year...and  a LONG year at that. They say time heals all wounds, that may be true, but in this case, not true. Everyday I think about you. I miss you every second of my life. So, no, it doesn't get easier, I just learned to accept the fact I will never hear you say my name, call me, or even tell me how much you loved me.

As a little girl, I remember crying because Barbie lost a limb and you would simply laugh and say, "Baby...." and put her back together, you were magical to be at that age believe it or not. When I wanted 25 cents, you gave me a dollar. When I wanted a cupcake, you went out and got me two! Happy meals, slinkies, silly puddy, playdough, candy and $20 bills -you showered me with as a kid. 
As an adult, it was no different, except happy meals, slinkies, silly puddy, and playdough was advice, colorful stories, candy, and unconditional love.

I miss you.


You have NO idea what life is like without you here on Earth. 

There's a whole in my heart grandpa. Always will be. 

You were and still are magical to me.

I hope someday you will save me a spot in heaven, have a cold beer waiting for me, candy in hand and welcoming me with open wings.

Until then, you walk besides me as my guardian angel.


safire said...

Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful man and you guys sound so sweet together. I wish I had memorable stories about my grandparents but most of them have passed away and the one living one doesn't get along with my mom so it's awkward.

This is a beautiful post.

Unknown said...

Such a lovely post. Stay strong girl and remember he will always be walking beside you guiding you and supporting you in every thing you do. xoxox

Wait Until The Sunset said...

This is a beautiful post Stef. I am sure he is looking down and is very proud. xxx

Unknown said...

Stef such a touching and oh so close to my heart post. since I did too lost someone very close to me last year. Be strong doll and I'm sure he's watching over you every single second and he will always live in your heart! Much love gorgeous.

<3 Marina


Unknown said...

Stef, that was so sweet, he sounds like an amazing man. xo