My Little Getaway

12:00 AM

This weekend I went away from L.A with my momma to a Casino in the desert! It was a nice little ewscape from L.A and I wanted to share my little trip with you!

I love the Cabazon Dinosaurs. If you are headed down to Palm Springs, this is a cute little stop to make. I love dinosaurs and if I get the chance to stop I usually do! You may recognize this from "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure"

We also stopped at the Cabazon outlets for a little shopping. Mom and I goofed around with glasses. I LOVED the bunny glasses!! 11.50 though and I had better things to spend that money on.

Once we got to the hotel, we put on our bathing suits and hoped in the pool. My bathing suit is on the left and the right picture is of a "TOWEL DRESS" I made from two SMALL towels. I know can wrap small towels around me! YAY! 

We then headed to the Casino, where I lost $100 and mom won $$. This is the first time I tried a Tokyo Tea! I love them! This whole time I was missing out! My new fave drink.

 We also got chocolate wasted. Whoever I marry, he and I will have one of these at our wedding alone with a taco man. Im serious too. 

These are random pictures. The man on the bike was going to fast his skin was flapping. The second picture is the cozy bed I slept in. Third, the view from behind the Casino. Fourth, my fortune cookie. Fifth, the automatic toilet seat cover! which by the way AMAZED ME!! and Sixth was of the sign in the bathroom for gambling addiction. 


theamazingworldofj said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time!

Joy Shana said...

Love the blue dress, nice blog

Jessica said...

how freakin fun!!!!!! those straberrys look bombay

Merrybelly said...

awesome trip!! I love the taco idea :)

Fragancia said...

your are the cutest !! <3