VLOG: You get what you give!

12:00 AM


safire said...

You are definitely an amazing person and I totally get what you mean by people who treated you a certain way before now suddenly seem to be different people.

No we didn't forget but we aren't going to focus on the past hurt because we are in a better place now!

I always tell my mom that the best revenge honestly is to let your haters see how HAPPY you are (genuinely happy not fake happy) because they will feel worse than if you try your best to hurt them. Moving on is the best form of revenge because you don't let these people hold POWER over you.

I'm all about taking control of the situation and owning up to MY own responsibility. Yes, we're not perfect. I'm guilty of saying terrible things but I know when to apologize and acknowledge my shortcomings :)

Lennae said...

" Karma isn't a bitch unless you are...". LOVE IT!!

Jessica said...

love this song!!! the words are great and you look amazing hun!! you can soo see your droppin those lbs like the went outta style hehe.. great vid girl