NAILS OF THE WEEK: Saran Wrap Nails!! ( & Tutorial)

12:00 AM

Hello! I know I usually schedule Nails of the week on Sundays but , I had something to take care of Saturday and I was way too tired to post my nails yesterday. SO Here you go! I am gonna show you how to do Saran Wrap Nails! YAY!!

-Saran Wrap

-A sheet of paper
-Two nail polish colors (one should be a lighter color)


-Maybelline Colorshow Green with Envy

-Maybelline Colorshow Bold Gold


NOTE!!: Make sure your nails are painted and dried with a base color before starting the steps. I chose Maybelline Green with Envy as my base.

Step 1: Cut a piece of saran wrap up and scrunch it into a ball. 

Step 2: Dab your second color onto the the saran wrap as shown.

Step 3: Dab the saran wrap onto the piece of paper. If not dabbed, the print can come out looking like really bad smudges. No bueno. I dabbed my about 4 times onto the paper.

Step 4: Dab the saran wrap onto your nail. As you can see step 4 on my picture diagram is my toe. I didn't have a free hand with my hand nails. 

***Repeat the steps every 2 nails. I had to repeat the steps every two nails, maybe you will be different. 

And whoa-la!! 

Saran wrap nails!

Mine came out very rustic looking and I love it!

Hope you like em!


safire said...

Super cool! Thanks for giving me some nail inspiration!

Jessica said...

love the goldish combo