REVIEW: Mr. Costumes (Vixen Pirate Wench)

12:00 AM

Mr. Costumes sent me a costume and I loved it!! I decided to be a Vixen  Pirate Wench for Halloween and I absolutely loved it! It was comfortable and easy to put on. Not to mention, I felt really classy in it and BEAUTIFUL! This was the first Halloween in almost 10 years (probably more) that I dressed up! I really adored this outfit because it was a one piece that didn't require much accessories to go with it!

Mr. Costumes offers a variety costumes that can be ordered not just for Halloween but anytime you need a costume at an Affordable price!

They also offer a costume for every age and SIZE! 

Most plus-size costumes look very plain-Jane, but not Mr.Costumes Plus-sized costumes. Their costumes are just as sexy as a regular sized costume would be! I LOVE THAT FACT BY THE WAY! 

My costume is HERE

But you can CLICK HERE to see all the costumes they have to offer or just simply log on to:


Big Mark 243 said...

Man... you are hot..! Enjoy Halloween.!!

Unknown said...

que cute!!! I don't do halloween but i always get a kick of seeing the costumes. Hugs.


Traci Marie Wolf said...

really cute!

Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...

i love the little heart details! :)