Turkey Day at Work & Tips!

12:00 AM

We celebrated Turkey Day in the office! It was a REALLY nice pot luck that involved: work familia, laughter and FOOD! Kinda like a PRE-GAME for the big showdown Thursday!

I made stuffing! Yummy!!!!!!! Doesnt my stuffing look AMAZING!!
Proud of myself!

 All the yummy food!!!

The table! How festive huh?

My lovely coworkers! As you can see Josie and I were the work pilgrims! lol
Loved my little hats!

and I wanna say I COUNTED POINTS!!!

I used:

My handy-dandy 1/2 cup spoon!

I also brought in a scale! No shame in my fitness game!

I also had 5 pp worth of pumpkin pie!


So what did I learn about this work potluck?


A little bit of something you want wont hurt as much as you saying "Oh well! I might as well blow it today because on Turkey Day I am gonna stuff my face!!"

In fact Turkey Day is gonna be my ONLY cheat day! 

After that, back on track!!

Do you have any tips you would like to share?

How do you survive Turkey Day?

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B said...

You go, Stef! So proud of you. Someone is always bringing in food at my office and I'm always like NOOOOOO. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the fam!