A Letter to My Readers: Goodbye 2012

12:00 AM

I'm back! Yay! Today is the last day of 2012...

The picture above kinda represent how I felt this year. In fact, it does. A lot of weight but I was strong enough to carry it....

2012, You were a tricky year I tell you. You made me grow up, you made me into an adult and into a woman who can go into 2013 with confidence. I cried More this year, worried more and held in a lot of tears and worry hoping that God will solve all my problems in an instant. Ha! Silly me to think instant gratification was an answer. I'm on Gods time. I truly believe he will find us a house and say, "But I always save the best for last" I know on HIS time he will smile and say, "I'm answering your prayers, done crying?" 

I have to have faith. I know he will.

Many people came in and out of y life this year. I found acquaintances who showed me their ugly side. I found women who turned their back because I was on a different track. I made amends to clear MY conscious and make peace with MYSELF. I have kept an open heart and mind and did what I wanted to do even if it meant falling on my face because I knew I had a team behind me to help me back up. I had to devalue myself to raise my value (if that makes any sense) I had to stand out in the rain and brave many a storms to see brighter days.

I am uncertain of 2013...I am excited. I am scared. I am beyond scared shit-less though. Lol. But most of all, I am walking into 2013 knowing I am LOVED and I will NEVER go without. There will always be someone who loves me and will help me no matter what. I am going into 2013 feeling beautiful, feeling like I can conquer anything. I am walking into 2013 with open wings and trusting in the man above to fly me to where I belong in life. 

Thank you to all my readers (friends and family included) who sat down and took the time out to read my blog, check out my blog and send me emails. I don't think you guys know how many times at night your words have saved me. I don't think you know how many times you have dried my tears and opened my mind. Thank you for being happy for me, with, for crying with me, drying my tears, reaching out to me to let me know YOUR story. For letting me inspire you and letting me be inspired by YOU!

Thank you!

Happy New Year! And may 2013 bring you lots of love, success and happiness!



LaaLaa said...

So proud and inspired by you. 2013 is going to be bring you so much! Get that Maxim cover baby boo lol xo

Kitterz said...

2013 is going to be such an awesome year Steph! Great things are coming for everyone this year =)