Slipper shoes: This season’s most laid-back style

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For anybody whose feet seek a much-needed rest from stilettos, platforms and wedges, fear not: the slipper is here. Fashion houses have finally given consideration to our tired and over-worked feet by delivering us with the comfortable and cosy slipper shoe. They’re not for rainy days and will never replace the leather boot as the winter footwear basic, but weather-proof or not, those who want to look in style will have to wholeheartedly embrace the slipper this winter. Here is a breakdown of a few of the most stylish slipper designs:
Leopard Print
The grandfatherly connotations attached to slippers have definitely been ditched when it comes to leopard print slippers. Safari prints such as snake and zebra are a long-term fixture of the fashion world. Try looking online for high street shop Clarks for shoes and consider some great safari slipper shoe designs.
Embroidered skull on velvet
This is an undeniable meeting of slipper and rock chick. Alexander McQueen’s red velvet slipper shoes with an embroidered silver or black skull definitely makes slippers cool.
Floral patterns
In line with the continued floral themes of 2012, floral slippers are the perfect way to channel grown-up femininity going into 2013. Floral slipper shoes go well with a range of outfits, from jeans to skirts.

Beads and sequins
Beads and sequins are fashionable adornments that glam up slipper shoes, making them acceptable to wear even to a party. With no towering heels to impair your balance or weary your feet, you’re looking at a pain-free night ahead.

This beautiful floral motif originally hails from Iran and is an East India Company export that has endured in the West. Paisley prints decorate walls, pottery, carpets, textiles – and now slippers. Paisley is the undisputed king of prints and looks fabulous in any context.

Not only is lace an on-trend fabric this season, but this fabulous web of thread manages to make slippers look delicate and feminine.


safire said...

I adore comfortable and chic shoes :)

I actually bought a pair of leopard print flats late 2012 and I love them.

Have a great weekend.

Jessica said...

im trying to get into these i just dont feel comfortable i think they look odd since im so tall and chunky hahaa

Unknown said...

I love the print its very girly and fun.