SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: I just want to be happy

12:00 AM

I am not perfect & parts of me are still insecure.

I spent years with a man who never showed me any sign of love. At the time I thought it was love, but truthfully, it wasn't. 

I quit my steady income job and I am finding myself sitting here thinking, "What now Stef?" I mean I was treated BADLY and I did what my momma always told me, leave anyone or anything that devalues you. I was being devalued and I wasn't gonna sit there and stand for lying & negativity. 

I guess what this taught me was I need to BE HAPPY.

I don't know what life has in store for me...NY guy sure is topping the cake and I love every minute of it. It hasn't been all peaches and I appreciate him dealing with me getting insecure about other girls and starting fights just to start them. I guess him staying around truly means that he cares for me. I cant wait until hes in my arms and I get to be held by him. 

I just want to be happy...with who ? Whoever is responsible for the smile on my face. Where? I dunno...wherever people make me happy.

I just want to be happy and even though I am stressing this money situation, yet again, I know God does things for me to learn a lesson and will open another door.

I just want to be happy.


safire said...

xoxo You deserve to be happy. I'm always inspired by you :)

Big Mark 243 said...

Please learn the lesson, Stef... I mean, I feel bad for women who are in the late 30's and in their 40's who STILL have not learned what they need to be in love. Worse, they look and never find love, but they find the things that they are not looking for...

Through Thick and Thin Girls said...

Look inside of yourself first for happiness. You should not have to look for it in a man or relationship