SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: Don't be a douchebag Stef

12:00 AM

I learned a LONG time ago that in order to move forward I had to forgive myself and accept an apology I will NEVER get. I learned a lot this week.

A. Keep my fat mouth shut. Just nod, agree and do whatever I feel is right in my heart.

B. Take a risk. What have I got to lose. Clearly nothing. I make little to no money and well, the only thing expensive I own are my stilettos and purses.

C. Be patient. Sometimes its easier to crawl before walking and going into new adventures, you wanna go as slow as possible

D. I can be a douche bag. Sometimes I am selfish and only worry about myself. Its a flaw that I have had pointed out. I'm sorry. I can work on that part of me, just give me time for improvement and bare with me.

E. I'm old. I'm in bed by 9 and that's okay. I forget I am not a spring chicken anymore and growing up sometimes means being in bed by 9 then out at a club spending money that I dont have, but then again I never paid for a drink in my life :/ So in other terms it means having to flirt with some guy for 10 minutes because he bought me a drink. Flirting is exhausting and having to be NICE cuz he spent 10 bucks on a drink for me is even torture...I dont pass up a free though. Aye! Aye! Aye! Maybe I should learn how to.

F. Old friends are old friends for a REASON. Not everyone in my past is a superstar and therefore not allowed in my future. 

G. Sometimes I'm a douche bag. Wait I already said that.

H. Apologize when I can. Sometimes I make mistakes but you will always get a sorry from me. Whether people accept is OUT of my control. On them and not me. I have spent way too long worrying about others and not myself.

I. I'm AMAZING. End of story....


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