Saturday's with Stef: Smaller Stef

12:00 AM

My mom bought me my second NEW STEF dress and third...

I wanted to cry. 

That smaller Stef, took a lot of hardwork. A lot time and dedication.

It hasnt transformed me phsyically, but mentually and emotionally.

We havent found a house yet, I stopped crying. I cant cry over spilled milk, nor can I worry about something thats not in my control.

Maybe it's age that taught me this. Maybe it's life. 

Yeah I am gonna go with life.

I stopped crying and started thinking of all the good things.

I have my family and a set of best friends who have stuck it out in the dark with me.

I am loved. 

That is all...I am loved.


Jessica said...

u look soo cute in 09 though getting your groove on haha.. but u look sexii doll keep it up

Unknown said...

Damn Girl talk about Sexy senorita!! You look Amazeballs!! Super Duper proud of you. That dress is banging!
Love Gi

Sol F said...

You are beautiful your beauty is not measured by your weight but the measre of your heart. And from what i see you have an amazing heart. ERES BELLA. Blessings God will bless you, dont loose Faith!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing, but then again you always have.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to be attracted to both pictures?

Reggie said...

Impressive, very very impressive.