The PERFECT Cocktail Dress!

12:00 AM

So I was browsing for cute dresses and came across As you know my birthday is coming up and I need a dress for this new body! If you know me or have a sense of who I am (Which I think you do) You know I am into anything that sparkles and catches your eye. 

I want to be able to walk in the room and "WOW" people. These dresses do JUST THAT!

On, they give you a description as soon as you hit the Cocktail Dresses section., It reads, "Cocktail dresses are among the most adaptable of dress types and can be worn on most occasions. Depending on the style, they are even acceptable for more formal, black-tie events. MissesDressy features cocktail dresses in classic styles from top designers like Alyce Designs, Theia, and Mon Cheri, and more current, daring styles from Jovani, Nina Canacci, and Sherri Hill to be sure you are set for your next night out. The cocktail dresses featured in our collection are perfect for holiday parties, semi-formal events, dinners, reunions, weddings, and prom. With so many styles to chose from, your dress is sure to be in a class of its own, and an irresistible companion to your evening!"

As I browsed through their selections of Cocktail dresses, I found their statement to be true. There was a VARIETY of cocktail dresses, for ANY occasion and fits YOUR Style! 

The detail of these dresses are impeccable, just like you are! They really capture the essence of being a woman and making any woman feel like a million bucks!

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Charlotte Sparkle said...

That second dress is beautiful.

Fizzy! said...

Love it, absolutely!

. said...

They are very pretty

Jessica said...

those are gorgeous