REVIEW: Kahuka

12:00 AM

So I am always doing these runs that involve color, bubbles, water or just something makes it hard to take pictures with my phone.

Well this last Bubble Run, A few men from Kahuka were outside of Road Runner in Costa Mesa selling these waterproof covers for your phone. Normally I would walk away and be like, "No thanks" But my mom stopped and said, "Well lets see..."

The man demonstrated how clear the pictures come out. We were sold. SO my mom bought two for $35

Here's my mom using her case, while I use mine to take her pic.

and this is my mom taking a pic of me with my case in my hand

CLEAR RIGHT? Our phones didn't get messed up at all! It kept it dry and safe! I just loved this case!

It lived up to its abilities and does what it says. I would love to get the Kahuka Sport since I love listening to music and see how that goes, maybe when my wallet permits it. Until then, the basic is AWESOME!

5 out of 5 stars!

You can find Kahuka HERE

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Jessica said...

this looked like so much fun!!!