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I don’t know about you, but I love spring, just not all the allergies that come with it! It seems like the prettiest time of the year, can be our enemy, by giving us Allergy face. What is Allergy face exactly? Allergy face is any symptoms associated with allergies. This can vary from person to person. For me, I would love to stop and enjoy the grassy greens of spring, but not my eyes. 
I suffer from allergy face during spring, and so does my eyes! My eyes get so puffy, it’s embarrassing! One time I was out with a guy sometime last spring, and he asked, “Have you been crying?” Confused, I asked, “Why? No. Should I be crying over something?” He laughed and he said, “Your eyes are all puffy.” Scared of how badly my eyes were puffy, I whipped out my mirror faster than a speed of lightening. How did I not catch this before I left the house? How do I get rid of it NOW? The puffiness wasn’t THAT bad, but it was clear that once I stepped out the house, spring and all its glorious wonders took a toll on my eyes! 
This spring is NO different! My eyes are puffy and since, I am anti-makeup 6 out of the 7 days lately, I had to find a quick beauty fix! When Zyrtec isn’t around I need something that can take my puffiness away. I use a cooling mask or aloe to reduce and soothe my puffy eyes. You can find a cooling mask and aloe at your local dollar store, drugstore or grocery store. Also picking up some Zrytec isn’t a bad idea either! It’s a great way to relieve your symptoms and not have allergy face! Check out Zrytec’s Facebook page to find out more how to combat Allergy Face and follow Carmen Ordoñez, @VivaFashion, who has teamed up with the makers of Zyrtec to share her personal beauty tips to combat Allergy Face. In fact, here are a few tips from her on how to fight Allergy Face, because we all know allergies don’t only affect how we feel but how we look! So check Carmen’s “How to video” to disguise a red nose, puffy face and watery eyes! 
For more information check out Zyrtec at Zyrtec.com or via-facebook at www.facebook.com/zrytec (HERE

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