FEATURE: K-bfit.com

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I don't normally do this, but ladies and gentlemen, meet Kassandra! She is the owner of K-Bfit.com. Whats so special about Kassandra, she motivates me to get up off my butt and move! I actually found her through Instagram. This tiny little thing liked one of my pictures and encouraged me, I didn't even know she did Weight Watchers until I stalked her more. 

Kassandra is what I call part of the "100 club" She has lost over 100 pounds! I'm gonna quote Kassandra, because those on a weight loss journey can only explain it themselves.

" In December of 2011 I made the life changing decision to get back to Weight Watchers. I am blessed that WW comes directly to my office building and even more grateful that one of my fellow coworkers is a lifetime member who continuously inspires me. I am now close to my own lifetime goal.
I wanted to document this process of striding towards my final goal weight. One - as a reminder to myself of what I have accomplished and two - to have a cathartic release of the ups and downs of this very trying process of losing weight.

Hopefully this blog will inspire, motivate and most importantly give you a decent laugh from time to time as I stumble my way to a healthier, fit and new version of myself"

I relate to her, very much so.  But this isn't about me. Its about my beautiful Kassandra!

Her website touches on everything that she has come across in her weight loss journey. From her lunches, to her cravings, to her grocery cart and her overall journey during her weight loss on Weight Watchers.

I also get inspired  because Kassandra RUNS! She is constantly running in a marathon and that inspires me! So, with that said, please take the time out and follow Kassandra and check out her website HERE Or www.k-bfit.com

Make you you check her out on Instagram : @Kasbfit and on twitter at : @ChiCityK

Kassandra, thank you for inspiring me by giving me hope. For putting the seed in my head to do 5k's and it is because of you, I am training for the L.A marathon. 



Savannah said...

Wow, this was really inspiring. I'm heading over to her site now!

Kassandra Barnes said...

Love you Stef! You inspire me as well and I'm so happy to have virtually met you ;)