REVIEW: Remington Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini Grooming Kit

12:00 AM

So I picked this little toy up a few weeks ago because I HATE using a shaver to shave my lady parts, It really is not good to begin with because most women don't know that once you shave you need to throw away the razor. Also using TOO much soap can give you an infection.

I heard about this through social networks and decided to give it a try. 

According to the website:

  • Can be used Wet/Dry
  • Battery operated
  • Bikini Trimmer for quick touch ups & shaping bikini line
  • Adjustable guide with 4 length settings
  • Angled Foil Shaver for a clean, smooth shave
  • Exfoliator to prevent in-grown hairs and razor burn
  • Built in shower hook
  • Beauty Bag
  • 2 year limited warranty

The main tool is cute and pink and has an on & off button. Also it comes with removable tools

Left to right: Length guide, shaver, exfoliater, and foil shaver

Also comes with a cute little pouch to store your shaver

Cute right?

How did I like it?


It does the job and gives my lady parts and other body parts a clean shave!

Doesn't give me ingrown hairs and makes my skin feel so smooth!

WHERE: Walmart or any store that sells shavers

PRICE: I paid $17 for mine.

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