DELICIOUS DAMES: Be You. Be Beautiful!

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I have always struggled with my weight. At one point, I was a slave to the scale, my weight number, the mirror and the opinion of society that believed "Skinny is beautiful." I openly talk to you about these things. I constantly make sure you as women (and men) know that YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY THE SCALE, SOCIETIES OPINION OF BEAUTIFUL OR THE CELLULITE ON YOUR THIGHS.

When my friend Nina sent me this shirt, I did a lot of reading on Delicious Dames. It's everything I am constantly trying to preach. 

The beginning of their "About Us" struck chords with me: "Delicious Dames is a website designed to help shape the perceptions women have of themselves, the media, and overall body wellness. Our audience is anyone who embodies our mission to promote body wellness in America."

There are so many times I stood in the mirror and hated my reflection. It wasn't until I started living for me, I started to realize I am beautiful no matter what size. I realized that if I don't like what I see in the mirror I have two options: Leave it alone and be miserable or change it and start being happy. I started to change. Losing weight does mess with my mentality. However, I am not the little girl who stood in the mirror at one point wanting to kill herself because she wasn't a Kim Kardashian clone.

I am Stefanie. I have curves. I have loose skin. I have stretch marks. I have cellulite and my thighs touch. I love every ounce of me and you should too.

Delicious Dames is such an awesome brand that I walk around and promote because it's everything embodies!

Please take a look at Delicious Dames and start being the beautiful you that YOU ARE!

It;s such a positive, wonderful, amazing website that I would LOVE to see more of! xoxo or click HERE


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GorJess23 said...

Steff you are looking GREAT giiirl I'm soo proud of you!!!