Fight Off Allergy Face with Zyrtec!

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Summer is a time when we want to look our best. Especially when it comes to our skin! As I traveled this summer, a few local cities and some cities that had way different weather than L.A. At one point, I realized my allergies were acting up. I got red face! No matter how much foundation I used or concealer, the redness did not go away. Trust me when I say, walking around like you have a sunburn on your face in patches is not cute!
Then again, Allergy Face in general is NOT cute PERIOD!
Frantically I searched the web for "Red Face Remedies." 

All I had to do was mix with with some water and put it on my face like a mask. Not only did it reduce my redness but it gave my skin a healthy glow! SCORE!!
Sounds weird right? I really wanted to eat my face off while I was at it, but in all seriousness, it worked! My redness went down and I started to feel so much better!

Or you can always run to your local drugstore and pick up some Zyrtec! But did you know that Zyrtec and beauty and fashion expert Carmen Ordnez teamed up to show you how to fight Allergy Face one punch at a time! She covers all the Allergy Face symptoms that we may encounter this summer and other seasons!  

 In the Youtube video below Carmen dishes about simple tricks to help embrace your natural belleza Latina especially dealing with Allergy Face! Yes ladies, it is still possible to look beautiful even with Allergy Face!

Make sure you check out Zyrtec to learn more ways on how you can combat Allergy Face! Also don’t forget to visit their Facebook to get DOUBLE the information HERE! !


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