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I'd be lying to you if I said I am not scared. I'm scared shit less. Dating is scary. I have dreamt of the day in which I am off the market. Someone to call my own. Here I am, scared. 

Steve Harvey said there's a 3 month rule in which you will know if you want to keep them. I do. Does this rule apply? Does it take more time. How much more time? Does it need a label? I don't want to be dragged along. In fact, I refuse to be dragged along.

I am terrified he wont want to keep me. 

Terrified that I have invested my time and energy into him and I'll mess it up with the "talk." How do you know if you're rushing it.I am 28 and learning to date is the hardest thing in the world. I never met a man like him, let alone be treated good by a man like that.

He's investing his time, money and energy in me.

Men don't do this with least not past the second date.

Its going on 3 months. 

Did I tell you I'm scared??? 

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864 said...

You deserve good things to happen to you.